Maya civilization is the representative of ancient civilization, but before them, there are more advanced civilizations

There is no wonder in the world. In this world, there are many people who use scientific reasons to explain and believe in mysterious things, such as human nature, spontaneous combustion without contact with open fire, ashes, the mystery of Qin Shihuang mausoleum and so on. Compared with the unsolved mysteries, archaeologists have found many ancient relics through these ancient fossils. Some of these relics were left a few years ago, and some were left hundreds of thousands of years ago. So what’s the significance of reviving the huge stones on the island? The origin of seabed castle, the construction of pyramid, etc. Because of the mystery of such events, countless people have a curiosity to find out. Now let’s talk about the legend of Maya civilization.

The Mayan civilization is one of the three major civilizations in the American continent. It is located in the Neolithic age and formed around 1500 BC. It has made remarkable achievements in astronomy, art and literature. Maya is an ancient and mysterious nation full of legend. Believing in religion, he believes in the sun god, rain god, war god and death god, and believes that the soul will never die after death.

According to the annals of Central America, the Mayan civilization has three periods of growth: formation, prosperity and maturity. The beginning of Maya history is the rise of calendar, civilization, monuments and architecture. From the 3rd century, with the use of words, monuments, architecture and art developed rapidly and reached the peak.

Later, the Mayans used the wisdom of the Mayan people, relying on the original tools of the Neolithic age, without the existence of iron utensils and means of transportation, and skillfully used these tools to build the residents living in the city. The city states gradually rose, such as qiqinica and usmar city states in the north, and the Mayan civilization began to mature.

In this process, the construction engineering has reached the highest level in the world. It can deeply process the indestructible stones and carve them into a new kind of objects. With many advanced technologies, there are so far incredible Venus calendar, unknown Zhuojin calendar, crystal bone and so on.

In a large number of interpretations of Maya culture, it is found that before the birth of Maya culture, the earth had experienced four generations of civilization. According to the relevant text, it is concluded that these four civilizations are not advanced intelligent creatures, just like the dinosaur, the ruler of the previous generation, and the first generation of seaweed, which leads to the fact that the other two generations are not advanced intelligent creatures. We still have a suspense about these two generations, and we can imagine for ourselves. However, these four generations of civilization ended in a tragic defeat. The emergence of each generation of civilization indicates the demise of another generation of civilization. They gradually disappear in the long river of time through natural reincarnation.

At that time, the highest civilization on earth was the Maya civilization. Scientists questioned this advanced intelligent creature: is there any creature similar to or higher than the Maya civilization on earth? Archaeologists speculate, speculate and demonstrate that many clues have been found in the archaeological relics, such as the footprints left by the nuclear reactor and trilobite two billion years ago. These footprints are related to this species – advanced civilization. However, if there were any other advanced civilizations, they would have been forgotten in the long history of 40000 years.

The world is changing and reincarnating like this. The civilization we live in is also the continuation of the previous one. We will eventually disappear in this world, and the future human civilization will be like this. Maybe this is reincarnation.

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