Maya disappeared overnight, suspected to be aliens? Just look at their technology!

If we talk about the mysterious civilization in human history, many people will think of the Maya civilization that disappeared overnight. The Mayan civilization was first discovered by Stephen S. when he was crossing the rainforest of the American continent, several temples and pyramids suddenly appeared in front of him. Since then, people began to pay attention to this piece of land, and the Mayan civilization appeared in front of human beings. Because of their excellent astronomical knowledge and architectural skills, many people suspect that they are not indigenous people on earth, but come from outer space.

Mayan architecture

When we go to the ruins of the Mayan civilization, we will find that there are many exquisite tall buildings in this land. The appearance and design of these buildings are very admirable, but more incomprehensible. According to the level of science and technology and geographical conditions at that time, it was basically impossible to build such a brilliant pyramid. The land was in the tropical rainforest, and it was more difficult to build a pyramid in the rainforest than to climb to the sky. It was incredible that the Maya people without tools could build such a brilliant building only by human power. Until now, it is also the scientific community The problem of controversy.


In addition to the pyramids, they also built hundreds of miles of tunnels. There are many cultural relics left behind in these tunnels. Among them is a model airplane, which is made of gold. Many people will be curious. The airplane is clearly a modern product. Why did it appear in the Mayan ruins? There is also a legend about this tunnel. If you continue to walk along this ancient tunnel, you will probably reach the inner world. Some conspiracy theorists believe that the Mayans did not disappear, but entered the inner world along this tunnel. A couple of American explorers once came to this tunnel and stationed Indians at the entrance of the tunnel. They stayed here for generations. This behavior strengthened the authenticity of the legend.


In addition to their profound attainments in architecture, the Mayans also made great breakthroughs in thinking. At that time, the Mayans used a method of Zhuojin to calculate the period of the earth. Although the period of this calendar is only 260 days, it can accurately calculate every day of the earth.


In fact, zhuojinli’s algorithm is a bit similar to the binary system now, which is enough to see how advanced the Maya’s thought is. In their ruins, we can also find a large number of murals, which also depict spaceships. After seeing such a picture, it really makes people suspect that the Mayans may not be indigenous people on earth, but from other planets.

It is such a brilliant civilization that suddenly disappeared in front of human beings. Scientists still can’t explain the many advanced technologies and theories they left behind. I don’t know what people think? Are the Mayans aliens?

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