Mayan identity revealed, pyramids all over the place, experts say pyramids or signal transmitters

There are many ancient civilization sites on the earth. The most famous one is the pyramid. Generally speaking, the first thing we think of is the pyramid of Egypt. In fact, there are also pyramids in America. Although they are not as large as Egypt, they have their own characteristics. With the excavation of Egyptian pyramids by archaeologists entering the final stage, some secrets of the pyramids will eventually be revealed.

According to experts, the pyramid is most likely related to the disappearance of the Mayan civilization in history. People know about the Mayan civilization mainly because of the “2012 doomsday theory”. The prediction is that the earth will end on December 21, 2012, after which the world will no longer exist. Why do people believe this prophecy, which can upset people all over the world? It’s mainly because of the Mayan civilization. There are five predictions in the Mayan civilization, and all the other four predictions come true. So people think that the Mayan civilization prediction is so accurate, and all four predictions are right. Will this last one be true?

It is for this reason that many people worry about the end of the earth after 2012, and the people of the world have their own ways to deal with the end of the world. Some rich people have built shelters at high prices. A young man in China believes this prediction too much. As a result, before the end of the world, he is depressed and plays, does not work all day, and spends all the money he earned from working in the past After money, we wait for the arrival of December 21, 2012. As a result, this day has arrived, and nothing happened. The earth is the same as before. Now this young man is stupid.

This kind of thing happened all over the world before 2012. The fifth prediction of the Mayan civilization did not come true. People were relieved. Maybe the prediction of the end of the world of the Mayan civilization was not interpreted by people themselves. Maybe the end of mankind is another meaning, but we don’t know it.

Maya is a very mysterious race. It seems that they suddenly appeared on the earth and disappeared after countless years of development. They really come and go without a trace. Now, from some relics of Maya civilization and some historical records left behind, scientists have a conjecture that Maya people will be aliens? Only aliens may have the ability to come and go without a trace. After all, they have spaceships.

If the Mayans are aliens, what are these pyramids for? Is it just for fun? Scientists have found several miniature pyramids in the ruins where the Mayans once lived. This shows that pyramids are very important to the Mayans. What will they be?

Some people speculate that this would be the house of the Maya on these alien planets? After all, the appearance of every civilized house is different. People on earth like this kind of house. Maybe the aliens made the house into a pyramid?

Later, some scientists came up with the possibility that these pyramids would be a signal receiving and transmitting tower? We can make such a guess. Thousands of years ago, after an alien spaceship came to the solar system, the spaceship broke down suddenly and had to find a planet to make a forced landing. Finally, the target was the only living planet in the solar system: Earth.

These extraterrestrials are the Mayans. After the Mayans landed their spaceship on the earth, they were unable to enter the space to return to their home due to the serious loss of the spaceship. Although the spaceship can’t navigate, it can send signals. When the Mayan fleet or parent star in space receives their distress signal, they will send a spaceship to pick them up.

In this way, the Mayans began to build signal transmission towers on the earth: pyramids. In order to achieve better launch effect, they need to build more pyramids. The Mayans used the advanced machinery on the spaceship to transport large stones from the far mountain and cut them into standard squares. As a result, pyramids were built and the signals were sent out as scheduled.

Although the signal is sent out, it is not possible for the Mayan parent star to receive the signal in a short time. It is possible for the Mayan people to live on the earth for decades or even hundreds of years. Many people have to live on the earth, so the Mayan civilization was established and lived on the earth, waiting for the flying ship of the parent star to pick them up.

After receiving their distress signal, the parent star sent out rescue spaceships according to the received earth coordinates. Countless years later, the Maya people on the earth have also multiplied from generation to generation, but they always know that the earth is not their hometown, and they have been waiting for the day to go home. Finally this day came, the rescue spacecraft of the parent star came to the earth, repaired the spaceship on the earth, connected all the Mayans on the earth to the spaceship, and then left the earth. This is also the reason why the earth people think that the Maya people are very mysterious, disappeared too suddenly. Only the pyramids they left behind and some of their star knowledge and prophecies show that they have lived on the earth for countless years.

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