Mayan prophecy may come true? The Inuit discovered the earth anomaly, suspected of displacement!

Mayan prophecy may come true? The Inuit discovered the earth anomaly, suspected of displacement!

In recent years, we have clearly felt that the global climate is becoming more and more abnormal, with continuous high temperature in the north and south poles and wildfires spreading wildly. The source of all these disasters is attributed to carbon emissions. Carbon is a kind of greenhouse gas. Generally, moderate emission of carbon gas will not cause obvious impact. If excessive emission is not the same, its composition is more complex. According to statistics, tens of millions of tons of carbon are emitted into the atmosphere every year. Over time, the global temperature is rising quietly.

Have you ever heard of the Inuit? They have unique views on all issues. In their view, global warming has become a foregone conclusion, which means that the earth has shifted. This is the real reason for global warming, and it has no direct connection with carbon emissions. Their view has aroused great controversy in the scientific community. Is it true what the Inuit say? Mayan prophecy may come true? The Inuit discovered the earth anomaly, suspected of displacement!

Living habits of Inuit

Inuit people live in extremely cold areas and hunt for a living all year round. This way of life leads them to develop the ability of cold resistance. Not only that, they also have a strange skill, that is, to accurately forecast the weather. His forecasting method is no worse than modern science and technology, so the experts give them another title: weather forecaster.

In recent years, there have been obvious changes in the earth’s climate. The Inuit people have been observing carefully. They have made a careful survey of the position of the rising sun, and found that the position has changed imperceptibly. The position has shifted, and even the positions of the moon and stars have changed significantly. The time of the day has become longer, and their range of activities has become wider. They once recognized that It is the displacement of the earth that leads to global warming and affects the movement of temperature and wind. According to the previous judgment, what they said is becoming more and more unreliable, and there is not enough scientific basis. In the face of this strange displacement, the Inuit people have an ominous premonition that there will always be a big accident on the earth.

Why does the position of the earth change?

This makes people think of the end of the world in 2012 predicted by Maya. If this statement is reliable, who is driving the position of the earth behind it? Is it true that someone is controlling the earth? These are all ancient problems that perplex scientists. Each star has its own orbit and cycle. The Inuit determined that the change of the earth’s environment is related to its position and displacement. Although there is not enough scientific basis, it does not mean that it is impossible, because there is a strong gravity around the earth, and it is not impossible for the position to shift under the action of gravity.

Seeing this appearance of the earth, many people have a bad feeling in their hearts. This is not what we want to see. Once the earth was full of business and colorful, but now it is developing towards desolation. If we can’t change this phenomenon, the future of mankind will be completely finished. What do you think of what the Inuit said? You can leave a message for interaction.

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