Mayans found in Yucatan Peninsula? Indeed, and the Maya language is not lost!

Many tourists like to go all over the country to learn about the local cultural scenery and interesting local historical stories. In fact, the purpose is to explore the unsolved mysteries in the world. For example, the secrets of the Sphinx in Egypt and the incredible “Curse of the Pharaoh” about the pyramids, the mystery of the water monster in Loch Ness, the Bermuda Triangle, and the terracotta warriors and horses in the mausoleum of the first emperor of Qin Dynasty in China. The most controversial and worthy of discussion is the Maya culture, which is not only one of the most important ancient cultures in the world, but also a very important classical culture in America.

The origin of the Maya has been puzzling the world so far, which is still an unsolved mystery. Up to now, whether there are still Maya people. There are many different opinions about the origin of the Maya people. Some say that they are immigrants from a certain country or descendants of a certain tribe, and some even say that they are descendants of aliens. However, these statements are difficult to make sense without empirical evidence. Now parts of southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and Honduras are the places where the Mayans settled in about 2500 BC; the Mayans began to settle in villages in 1500 BC, began to plant cassava and develop religion in 600 BC; villages began to develop into cities in 200 BC. The knowledge of the Mayans came from architectural engineering, stone tablets with inscriptions, relief carvings, etc. These can not only help us to understand the Maya people in the past, but also become clues for us to find the Maya people that still exist. Mayan culture may have disappeared, but the Mayans have not.

According to the place where the Maya lived in the past, we explored the surrounding areas and found the traces of modern Maya life. The modern Mayan people are also divided into many branches according to geography and language. These modern Mayans are mainly engaged in farming and animal husbandry, with few industries. They usually live in their own farmhouses. In modern Maya, women’s clothing is still traditional, while men may wear modern ready-made clothes. In a very remote village around TURUN city on the Yucatan Peninsula, it is far away from the crowd and leads a primitive life.

Between the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, there is a small place – the Yucatan Peninsula. It is such an island with an area of only 200000 square kilometers and is the hometown of the Maya. So far, the Mayans still live here, and some of them are still half blood! And the Maya language is not lost because of the disappearance of the Maya culture. It is still widely used here. Although the island is small, it has many Maya sites, which can make people feel the miracle of Maya culture. Although the modern Mayans still use the traditional way of life here, they also abandon some primitive Mayan customs. They live far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Even these Mayans do not know their own origin. But it’s such a place with Mayan relics and modern Mayans. If you have a chance, you can come and have a chat with the Mayans!

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