Maybe Einstein wasn’t a scientist? Just a visionary?

When it comes to physics, the first thing people think of is Einstein. When it comes to high IQ, people first think of Einstein.

Why did the names of those physicists who made contributions become units, but Einstein didn’t? Because he doesn’t need to be remembered in this way.

Time Magazine selected 100 people of the century in 2000, each of whom was the top person of the 20th century. One of these 100 great men was chosen to be on the cover of the magazine of the year. This man is Einstein.

Einstein won the Nobel Prize, not Einstein’s glory, but the glory of the Nobel Prize. Even if Einstein didn’t win the Nobel Prize, his greatness would not be damaged at all, but the Nobel Prize increased his authority because it was awarded to Einstein.

Einstein published five papers in 1905 (known as the year of miracle in the history of Science), all of which were the results of Nobel Prize. He was 26 years old.

1. The Nobel Prize did not dare to award Einstein’s major achievements (relativity, mass energy equation, etc.), but only chose the smallest achievement (photon). Einstein won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1921 for the photoelectric effect. It’s 16 years since he published his special theory of relativity.

2. Why do Nobel prizes only dare to be awarded to the smallest achievement, because others can’t understand and dare not mention it.

Einstein’s theory of relativity won two nominations, but none of them won the prize, because it was too controversial and opposed by several authorities in the field of physics. The Nobel Prize Committee had no way to fully understand the theory of relativity, and it was difficult to falsify it under the conditions at that time. However, after the theory was put forward, the repercussions were so great that it finally came up with the idea of awarding Einstein with the photoelectric effect.

It’s hard to imagine that at that time, a 26 year old amateur boy published a theory that subverted the field of physics, and a group of big men were helpless, because they had no way to prove that the theory was right or wrong!

3. The scientific community: for more than 100 years, whoever proves Einstein is the leader of the scientific community. No matter how much one percent is proved.

4. Human: since the monkey became human, the greatest energy that human beings have mastered at present comes from Einstein’s gift (nuclear energy).

Einstein made the universe bend and time change.

6. To be more precise, he made the big bang (wide phase dynamic solution) come to an end.

None of the above is good, but the best thing is that he only relied on his imagination, didn’t spend money and didn’t do experiments

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