Maybe we’re all wrong, maybe there’s no real object, not even the universe

When we look up at the starry sky and look at the vast universe from the perspective of human beings, we feel that we are very small, just like a grain of dust, or a tiny point on a grain of dust. But have we ever thought that all nouns are made by human beings, in order to make knowledge concrete, when this so-called noun disappears, will all the well-known objects disappear, or even the universe no longer exist?

Human beings claim to be the only overlord on this planet, mastering science and technology, production and so on. But there is a question: why is there only one species? There are different kinds of animals we know well, such as cats and dogs, but human knowledge is evolved from Homo sapiens. So what makes Homo sapiens surpass animals and gradually surpass the surface? In the brief history of human beings, it is mentioned that what human beings have experienced is a cognitive revolution, that is to say, human beings use language to define objects, and even form the so-called “eight trigrams”, which not only makes human groups grow, but also gradually surpasses other species.

So the question is, if we define the objective and real object as human beings, does this objective object still exist? For example, if human beings call the water vessel a cup, then if human beings disappear, the water vessel may not be called a cup, or even the objective object of a cup, which is an image existing in this space. In other words, when you hold on to a question and keep asking it, you will find one thing in common, that is, human beings always regard themselves as detached from the thing itself, and only name the objective fact that originally exists.

If this assumption is too careful and frightening, we might as well make a concerted effort. According to the previous assumption, human beings evaluate objective things by subjective consciousness, then when human body and spirit disappear in this space, the universe will not exist. According to this logic, what is real existence and what is subjective consciousness are relatively vague.

Moreover, with the same logic, we will understand why famous physicists like Newton and Einstein began to study theology when they reached a certain level of scientific research. We might as well follow the thinking of scientists to understand that after Newton’s three laws of motion came out, the tower of physics has been built. Then, according to the law of conservation of energy, suppose that the biosphere of the earth is the earth Stable, energy will not be born out of thin air, nor will it disappear out of thin air, so the environment we eat, use and live in is a part of a living body in a long time.

In a word, life is valuable. For now, human beings have been exploring our unknown objective world with the sense of being in charge. Whether the universe really exists is the goal for future generations to explore. But if human cognition is contrary to reality from the beginning, what will the world be like? Welcome to leave a message and express your opinion!

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