“Meiyangyang” is actually a ram, netizen: This is the most intolerable Chuanbang!

“Pleasant goat and grey wolf” once became one of children’s favorite cartoons. The characters of some lovely sheep are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Influenced by children, almost everyone knows that it tells the story of the wisdom and courage of the sheep and grey wolf in the sheep village. There is a lovely “girl” meiyangyang, who loves to be beautiful, clean and bows Even the horn is pink.


Some real netizens like to explore and study various roles and gangsters. On March 5, a post in Baidu Post Bar attracted netizens’ attention. There are two pictures in it, one is a picture of beautiful sheep in cartoon, and the other is a picture of sheep in reality. According to the text analysis in the post, the image of meiyangyang is just like that of a girl. In everyone’s first impression, she is a soft and cute girl. However, in reality, she doesn’t have the opposite angle on meiyangyang’s head! This contrast of reality makes all people suddenly realize that meiyangyang is not a real girl!

The staff who created the cartoon said: beautiful goat is an animation character, which has been artistically processed for the audience. I hope the audience will not be too serious!


So some netizens in the heart is still a little bit “cheated” feeling? Let’s popularize the science of sheep. We all know that there are goats and sheep. But the cartoon doesn’t explain which breed the lambs in the sheep village are. Although it seems that the ewes don’t have horns, the natural data from the animal world shows that some kinds of goats have horns, but the horns of the ewes are smaller than those of the rams, so we can see the horned sheep It’s a bit one-sided to say that it’s ram! In fact, the horn design of American sheep in the cartoon is so pink and tender, but it just makes its girl image more beautiful in the eyes of the audience. If you are really uncomfortable, please treat the race of American sheep as a few female goats with horns!


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