Men drink detergents as water for six years, but their bodies are no different. It turns out that they have special functions

There is no wonder in the world. Recently, in Guiyang area, a person with strange behavior was found.

The man in the photo lives by drinking detergent every day. He says it’s hard not to drink one day, and he can drink more than half a bottle of detergent every time. The man’s home is a small shop, and one day he saw the detergent on the shelf and wanted to taste it. So he drank it. After drinking it, he not only had nothing to do, but also became more and more addicted.

Because of this, his wife quarreled with him and divorced him. He also took him to the hospital for examination, but the examination results showed no problem. But experts point out that this kind of behavior is actually a kind of pica.

Pica is a complex syndrome caused by metabolic disorders, abnormal taste and improper diet management. People with this disease will continue to eat something without nutrition, such as paper, soil, sand and so on.

Pica is caused by a lack of iron, zinc or some trace elements in the body. But now pica is mostly due to people’s psychological role. I think it’s hard not to eat for a day. Long term consumption of these things will cause the lack of nutrients in the body, resulting in a decline in physical fitness, and even cause gastrointestinal diseases and other difficult diseases.

At present, the number of pica patients in the world is increasing, but doctors say that the disease is incurable, and most of the disease is caused by psychology, so there is no radical cure. It’s just in the research stage.

This article was originally written by Cui Wenjie, the author of Jiujian

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