Menstruation still drink hot water? Teach you from the 9 points perfect care of menstrual girls, warm men to develop the necessary

I believe many boyfriends are confused about the situation. They only know how to tell their girlfriends to drink more hot water, but they don’t know why their girlfriends lose their temper for no reason. To upgrade, they buy dates and brown sugar and tell them not to touch the cold and not to eat cold drinks. But how can we improve dysmenorrhea? Xiaobian presents a practical and intimate article for you.

1. Contraindications in physiological period

(1) Can not eat raw and cold spicy food: eat spicy and cold food easy to cause excessive contraction of pelvic blood vessels, so that the amount of too little or stop. So try to avoid eating such foods as cucumber, mushroom, balsam pear, spinach, pear, watermelon, orange, banana, radish, millet, mangosteen, strawberry, melon, grapefruit, kiwi fruit, seafood, etc. Can eat some of the flat food, apples, peaches, litchi, grapes, dates, brown sugar.

(2) Don’t eat stimulating food: you can’t drink caffeinated drinks, such as tea, coffee and chocolate; you can’t eat too greasy food, such as fat animal oil; you can’t drink carbonated drinks as much as possible. Drinking such drinks will make girls feel tired and depressed during the physiological period.

(3) Don’t eat salty food: salty food will increase the salt and water storage in the body. Before menstruation, progesterone will increase, which is prone to edema, headache and other phenomena. It can be avoided by eating a light diet in the first 10 days of menstruation.

(4) Don’t eat hemostatic food: Peanut coat, lotus root, mango and other foods are not suitable for menstruation. At the same time, we should pay attention not to take Angelica during menstruation. Although Angelica can replenish blood, it can also stop bleeding. Blood can eat donkey hide gelatin and brown sugar.

2. Menstrual nursing methods

(1) Proper exercise: do some relaxing exercises suitable for you, such as yoga, jogging and walking more. Don’t do strenuous aerobic exercise and strength training during menstruation.

(2) Underwear material: try to choose cotton underwear, good ventilation, often change. During the physiological period, sanitary napkins should also be changed frequently, once every two hours a day and once every four hours at night. However, few people can get up and change them the next morning. Sanitary napkins must be changed frequently, so as to ensure your physical health.

(3) Pay attention to diet: don’t eat food that shouldn’t be eaten. Please refer to the forbidden food in the last big point. Those with excessive menstruation should avoid brown sugar as much as possible.

(4) Pay attention to rest: don’t be too tired and keep warm.

(5) Pay attention to medication: physiological period can not be arbitrary medication, contraceptives, painkillers, cold drugs, etc., there is a need to take medicine or listen to the doctor’s guidance.

The above is just a list of rules. If you directly forward these things to your girlfriend, and you don’t pick the right time, it happens to be her physiological period, and you happen to live together, you are likely to go home and kneel on the washboard. There are so many encyclopedias. Do you need a reminder? What a boyfriend should do is to cook a bowl of ginger syrup and bring it to her. Even if she doesn’t like to drink it and doesn’t want to make trouble with you, you should coax her to finish it patiently. At this time, her mood is very important. Long term depression will lead to dysmenorrhea and aggravate dysmenorrhea.

Of course, the boy friend from other places also has the opportunity not to be scolded, that is, to silently look at himself and behave when it’s time to behave, such as sending her food that she can eat and patiently reminding her how to do it, or formulating a set of healthy life for her.

Many girls don’t know how to take care of themselves during the physiological period, or if they don’t feel painful or itchy, they can not care about their body. No matter how well they are, they will show up if they do too much harm to themselves. Do you think that everything is OK now doesn’t mean everything will be OK after 10 or 20 years. So we must take good care of our body. Don’t drink in physiological period. Don’t eat raw, cold, spicy and greasy food. Try to eat light food. Exercise properly. Don’t eat cold drink in dog days.

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