Mexico found the oldest Mayan ruins, orderly arrangement of buildings, civilization or 1000 years ahead of time!

In the process of human development, a lot of brilliant civilization wealth has been left. Speaking of the brilliant civilization in history, there is always a trace of Maya civilization. Many people know the Mayan civilization through its prophecy. Today, with the continuous development of science and technology, human exploration of the Maya civilization is more in-depth. Because the Maya civilization disappeared in the tropical rainforest of South America, scientists will go into the tropical rainforest every year to seek the traces of the existence of the Maya civilization.

The oldest Mayan remains in Mexico

Some time ago, scientists discovered a new Mayan site, located in Mexico, which is the oldest Mayan site ever discovered. Because this site was covered by a large number of vegetation before, it was easy to be ignored by human beings, so it did not attract the attention of scientists. It was not until some time ago that scientists explored with new equipment that they found its existence. The Mayan civilization is real. Through these remnants, we are more sure that their advanced nature is unmatched.

Orderly arrangement of buildings

According to the unearthed relics, these buildings are arranged in a very orderly way. Scientists once believed that the buildings of the Mayan civilization were made up of small villages one by one, but the arrangement in this relic is not so. From this relic, we can see that they have already understood urban planning. Most of these buildings are more than 10 meters high, and there are nine roads interspersed in these buildings, which are very orderly and spectacular. According to the analysis of this relic, they appeared at least 1000 years ago. This discovery is very surprising, which means that they changed from nomadism to settlement.

The Maya people have left a bright and precious civilization wealth to mankind. They have accurately predicted that they will disappear. The secret of the disappearance of Maya civilization has become a problem that scientists have to solve all their lives. In order to solve the mystery of the disappearance of the Maya, a scientific team once spent six years exploring the rainforest, and finally came to the conclusion that the disappearance of the Maya civilization was or was caused by themselves.

The disappearance of the Mayans or their connection with the war

Although thousands of years ago, the earth’s environmental situation is still relatively bad. But it is far from the point of extinction. The Maya civilization was the most advanced civilization at that time. The tense and orderly arrangement of tribes also showed the degree of development at that time. With the development, there must be conflicts. As time went on, tribes of all ethnic groups fought for power and resources and launched a series of wars. The disappearance of Maya civilization was related to these wars.

Although human beings are still unable to break through the secret of Maya civilization, the excavation of a large number of Maya relics is a great progress. I believe that with the development of science and technology, one day mankind will unlock the secrets of the Maya civilization. What do you think about the Maya civilization?

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