Mexico’s home for the lost, a nursing home for sex workers

In Mexico, there is a place called Casa Xochiquetzal. It is a “home for the losers” founded by the Mexican government. It aims to provide shelter for the elderly and retired women who have lost their feet. It is a nursing home for sex workers.

The term “sex workers” comes from the West. In society, sex workers are also vulnerable groups in terms of their situation. After their retirement, Mexico’s sex workers even lack food, clothing and live on the streets.

There is a woman named Carmen, who was once a woman who fell into a trap. It is precisely because she found that the situation of sex workers after retirement that she applied to the government for this program.

Carmen was deeply impressed by the desolation of her companions. With her constant efforts, the Mexican government set aside a big house for her and founded this “home for women who have fallen”. Here, they can not only eat well and dress well, but also learn their human rights and rebuild their self-confidence.

Casa Xochiquetzal is the only nursing home of the same type in Latin America, located in the poorest marginal area of Mexico. Nevertheless, because these retired sex workers can get warmth here, we don’t feel sad.

When we were young, we were engaged in the same profession. When we were old, we also had conversations here. Although we were alone, there were still people who accompanied us to live, grow old, die and die, and there were still people who cared about us. What do you think of such a nursing home?

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