Millions of “ferocious animals” found on the bottom of the Antarctic Ocean

According to reports, many king crabs have recently appeared under the Antarctic sea. The original names of king crabs are stone crabs and rock crabs, which belong to crustaceans. They mainly live in super cold regions or sea areas. King crabs are huge in size, so they are called king crabs. They live in the depths of about 900 meters. Many kinds of creatures are in their bags. King crabs are huge in size, weighing more than 20 jin and have a long life span For 30 years, the whole body is covered with hard shells and skin spines, domineering.

Recently, scientists have discovered more than one million king crabs in Antarctica, which is not a good thing for human beings. Because the emperor crab never appears in the cold Antarctic, it only appears in the Antarctic continental shelf about 850 years ago, and even its survival range will continue to rise.

Why does the king crab come to the surface? Scientists will make further research to find out. Finally, it is found that it is related to the temperature of the water. Due to global warming, the temperature of the Antarctic has increased, and the emperor crab belongs to the organisms in the cold zone. When the temperature rises, the emperor crab will swim out of the water. If the emperor crab climbs to the mainland, the ecological balance will be destroyed. The emperor crab has a strong attack power and has a certain position in the sea area.

Scientists imagine that the king crab is a top destructive creature, and its emergence will be a catastrophe in the meat and food industry. The reason why it is said to be a catastrophe is that the breeding speed of the king crab is amazing, the number is increasing, and the risk is increasing. Research by Smith, an American scientist, shows that in the past 10 million years, the king crab has been living in the deep water below, with shrimps, sea cucumbers and other creatures living above it, If the king crab forages for food, these creatures will face extinction. A large number of fishermen worry about this problem and catch a large number of crabs for food. At present, it has not been clearly pointed out that they will not be salvaged. If we restrict the salvage of king crab, the ecological environment is bound to be an inevitable problem.

Have all my friends ever eaten king crab? What do you want to make complaints about such a huge crab? Xiao Bian is waiting for you in the comments section.

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