Mobius belt is like the universe, it is infinite cycle, human or never made!

Mobius belt is like the universe, it is infinite cycle, human or never made!

It is a long process for human beings to explore the universe. Although human beings have experienced many setbacks, they have not seriously frustrated their self-confidence. Instead, they have become more and more courageous, and their thirst for knowledge about the universe has become more and more intense. There is a lot of controversy about the origin of the universe in the industry. Although scientists want to find the end of the universe, it seems that there is no end to this road, which means that the universe may not have an end at all. So what is the most real appearance of the universe?

Have you heard of the Klein bottle? According to scientists, Klein bottles can never be made. Many people are surprised that there are so many people selling Klein bottles on the market. How can they say it can never be made? The main reason is that the structure of Klein bottle is complex, and there are many similarities with the universe. There is no end, and it is difficult to make it with the existing technology of human beings. Mobius belt is like the universe, it is infinite cycle, human or never made!

What is the Mobius belt?

Besides the Klein bottle, the Mobius belt is also a major material that human beings focus on. What is the Mobius belt? Prepare a piece of paper and twist it 180 degrees to make a mobius belt. Its nature seems ordinary, but it is very magical. When you take a pen and draw along the middle of the paper tape, and finally intersect with the starting point, and then cut along the middle of the paper tape, it will not be divided into two paper tapes, but the paper tape itself becomes longer and longer, and it will be twisted 360 degrees. Theoretically, this kind of ductility is infinite, and so on, it can form a broader space.

Mobius belt can be regarded as an infinite Road, which also implies that human exploration of the universe is an infinite road. Human beings live in a three-dimensional world. Is the Mobius belt a product of three-dimensional space? In fact, it is much more complicated than we think. We think that the universe has a boundary. What is beyond its boundary? No one knows, so some people started a bold guess, will the universe be a kind of Mobius belt in high-dimensional space?

Similarities between the Mobius belt and the universe

Although seemingly boundless on the surface, it is a circular space. We think that the interior of the universe is also the exterior of the universe. It can be divided into interior and exterior. The edge of the universe is like the intersection of the Mobius belt. No matter how you go, you can’t go out and eventually return to the starting point. Therefore, in order to truly reveal the ultimate mystery of the universe, human beings need to enter a higher dimensional space . The universe is like the Mobius belt. The magic of the Mobius belt has already surpassed human cognition, which is almost the same as its principle. No matter how it is cut, the Mobius belt is always a circular space, boundless.

Although there are internal and external differences, human beings can’t find out where it ends. They can only rely on the amount of knowledge they have to judge it. In the final analysis, it is still that the dimensional space in which human beings live is too low. If we can reach the four-dimensional space, we may be able to reveal the mystery of the Mobius belt, and we can also get rid of this layer of fog. What do you think about the relationship between the Mobius belt and the universe? You can leave a message for interaction.

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