More mysterious than UFO, when it appears, it interferes with radio waves and moves in the deep sea below 5km

If we encounter a UFO in the sky, we all call it UFO. What is UFO? It is difficult for scientists to make a conclusion about the explanation of UFO whether it really exists in reality. However, from the current point of view, as long as there are UFOs in the sky, they will be called UFO. In fact, there are many unsolved problems in this world. People’s understanding of the world is still in its infancy. We know that UFO is the UFO in the sky. But if UFO appears in the deep sea, why is it called? The answer is “unidentified underwater object (USO)”. The deep sea bottom is vast and boundless. The appearance of USO in the deep sea bottom has become a problem that we have been seeking to solve.

What’s the difference between these two kinds of unidentified objects? Why is USO not so famous as UFO?

UFO is the abbreviation of UFO, and USO is the abbreviation of UFO. For UFO in the sky, we call it UFO. For UFO in the deep sea, we call it USO. The reason why USO is not so famous as UFO is that we haven’t seen it at all. Generally, only submarines or naval ships deep into the sea will find this kind of unidentified submarine. One of the biggest characteristics of this kind of unidentified submersible is that it can swim in the water, and when it swims away, it will leave traces.

During World War II, USO was known as the “ghost ship” and could interfere with radio waves when it appeared

After the outbreak of the Second World War, it brought serious economic losses to all countries. The most unforgettable thing is that Japan and the United States fought against each other. After the attack on the Pearl Harbor of the United States, there was a deep contradiction between the United States and Japan. In a deep-sea battle, the two countries were followed by an unidentified underwater object (USO). At the time of the most fierce war, this mysterious underwater object appeared. It did not directly intervene, but chose to watch the war. Both sides thought that it was a good choice It was launched by the other side, so they all shot at it one after another. Unexpectedly, this unidentified underwater object (USO) would directly interfere with the radio waves. The missiles that shot at it at the same time seemed to be out of order. They didn’t respond, and finally they would change their direction. This object became more and more mysterious, and its speed of reflection exceeded astonishment. Finally, the US Navy gave it a warning They learned the name of “ghost submarine”, and some commanders believe that if they can use the ghost submarine technology in the transformation of warships, they may win the sea battle.

When the relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union deteriorated during the cold war, USO appeared at sea again. In order to find out what this kind of thing was, the United States and the Soviet Union sent large-scale navies to search for it many times. However, its diving speed was like the speed of light, which made it difficult to catch its whereabouts.

Some countries, such as Britain and Australia, heard that there were such unidentified underwater objects on the sea. They started to search the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean with great ambition, but they all failed in the end. The ghost submarine has become a wonderful story in many countries. It’s just like the evaporation of the human world. It never appears again. Some people even think it’s fabricated out of thin air.

USO has the largest diving characteristics, and its activities are in the deep sea below 5km

Since the navies of the United States, Japan and the Soviet Union have all seen this unidentified submersible, it means that it exists. According to the description of the parties concerned, scientists from all over the world have done in-depth research on USO one after another. The consensus of experts is that this kind of object can dive quietly. It can not only float in the air, but also move in the deep-sea area below 5 km. Moreover, it can interfere with radio waves and high-tech radios such as radar.

Now, like its name, USO “ghost submarine” can disappear out of thin air even in strong positioning. Scientists from many countries believe that it is also one of the unsolved problems in the world. As for the ocean, we still have too many unknowns to explore. With our existing science and technology, we may not be able to solve its extraordinary energy. However, I believe that with the further development of human science and technology in the next few decades or hundreds of years, we will eventually uncover this mysterious guy.

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