More terrible than black holes have appeared. Black holes are willing to bow to the downwind. What are their connections?

There are not only black holes in the universe, but also white holes. I believe everyone should know or hear something about black holes, but do you know what a white hole is? How is it different from a black hole? What is the connection between them? First of all, we need to understand the meaning of these two “holes”.

What is a black hole?

The formation of a black hole requires a star with a very large mass. When the core of the star is exhausted, the gravity of the star will collapse instantaneously, and the core of the star will shrink instantaneously under its own gravity, making the star compressed very tightly. At the same time, the space in the star is also compressed, and finally it will expand instantaneously, resulting in a strong explosion, forming a black hole.

What is the white hole?

When it comes to white holes, I believe you have rarely heard of them. In fact, white holes are proposed by some scientists and astronomers. White holes are the product of black hole inversion. As we all know, black holes can absorb all matter and energy. The white hole is the opposite. People can understand that black holes can absorb all the matter and energy, while white holes release the matter or energy absorbed by black holes. However, the white hole can only release matter or energy, not absorb matter or energy from the outside. But scientists have yet to find the known white hole. Maybe now they are only used to explain some high-energy objects.

Why are white holes more terrible than black holes?

The opposite side of white is black, so literally, we know that white holes and black holes have completely different properties. Photos of black holes have been taken, and the existence of black holes has been confirmed. So, do white holes also exist? In the universe, the black hole is the most terrible celestial body, because its gravitational field is extremely strong, even the light passing at the speed of light, as long as it is in the critical horizon of the black hole, it is impossible to escape. Therefore, the black hole is a bottomless hole that can swallow everything, and it can only swallow without spitting.

But now that we talk about the physical properties of white holes and black holes are completely opposite, it means that white holes can only spit but not swallow. The question is, if you really just spit but don’t swallow, where does the continuous flow of material and energy come from? Therefore, scientists have proposed that the white hole can be connected with the black hole, and the connecting channel is the wormhole, which can well explain where the material ejected from the white hole comes from. Some people think that the black hole wormhole white hole constitutes a whole, and the material ejected from the white hole goes into another universe, so human beings cannot find the white hole.

However, some scientists believe that our universe was born in a white hole. For a black hole, due to its infinite gravity, it will absorb material from the inside. For a white hole, it will eject material from the outside. However, a white hole is also a powerful source of gravity, which can absorb material around itself and form a material layer. White hole only exists in theory, which has not been confirmed. According to relevant theories, white hole, like black hole, has a singularity with infinite density and infinite curvature of space-time. But different from black hole, the curvature of space-time of black hole is positive infinity, while that of white hole is negative infinity. Therefore, white hole has huge repulsive force.

Why did humans propose the white hole?

This is because in the last century, astronomers discovered a kind of stars called quasars. Although they are very small, their luminosity is very high, which can not be explained by the existing scientific theory. Some scientists once tried to explain the luminosity of quasars by using the black hole theory. They think that this is the strong light formed by the ejection of some accelerated high matter when the black hole devours the nearby matter But a small black hole can’t form such a high brightness jet.

Therefore, someone has put forward the white hole theory. If the white hole really exists, it is really terrible, because the material ejected from the white hole has a very strong energy. Figuratively speaking, the white hole is like a huge ion gun in the universe. Once any star within its range is hit, it will be immediately destroyed. In this way, the white hole is really much more terrible than the black hole.

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