More than 100 stars suddenly disappear! Scientific conjecture: or is it the Dyson sphere constructed by alien civilization

More than 100 stars have disappeared? Yes, you’re right.

Scientists have launched the project of “disappearing and emerging targets in the past 100 years of observation”. After comparing the observation records of the United States Observatory in the 1950s, it is found that in just half a century, more than 100 stars suddenly disappeared.

In this project, a total of 150000 celestial bodies have been marked. In order to facilitate research, scientists have marked another 24000 candidate objects among these 150000 celestial bodies.

Of these 24000 objects, more than 100 once existed, but now they have disappeared mysteriously.

As we all know, the lifespan of celestial bodies in the universe is very long. Even the shortest ones have millions or tens of millions of years. Therefore, these celestial bodies can not die out. Why on earth do they disappear?

The evolution of stars

Due to the different mass of stars, the evolution process of stars will be very different. Take the most familiar sun for example. The sun is a star of medium mass, which is about 4.6 billion years old.

Red giant

According to the theory of star formation and evolution, stars such as the sun have been involved in the fusion of hydrogen and helium for about 11 billion years in the main sequence star period, so the internal temperature will gradually rise. At present, it is known that the internal temperature of the sun is about 15 million degrees.

When the hydrogen in the sun is almost exhausted, the internal temperature will reach 100000000 degrees, and helium fusion will occur, which will produce oxygen and carbon.

The resulting elements will make the sun continue to heat up, and its volume will increase many times, so as to enter the old age and become a “red giant”.

The “red giant” is very unstable. The helium flash phenomenon occurs every tens of thousands of years. Each time the helium flash releases a lot of energy, blowing the sun’s atmosphere around, forming a planetary nebula. The process will last for hundreds of millions of years.

White dwarf

Inside the red giant, the sun forms white dwarfs when helium is burned out.

Once the white dwarf is formed, the nuclear fusion reaction inside the sun will basically stop, and the surface temperature will reach more than 100000 degrees. Then the white dwarf will spend tens of billions of years to cool down.

Black Dwarf

When a white dwarf cools to a few hundred degrees Celsius, it no longer emits radiant energy and becomes an invisible black dwarf, which is equivalent to extinction.

It can be seen that the evolution of more than 100 suddenly disappeared stars is impossible in just half a century.

Therefore, scientists have a new conjecture that the disappearance may be related to alien civilization.

Is the sudden “disappearance” of more than 100 stars related to the “Dyson sphere” built by alien civilization?

In the level of cosmic civilization, the second level civilization can use the energy of its star system.

In 1960, British American mathematical physicist Freeman Dyson proposed a theoretical model, the Dyson sphere. He believed that when a planet’s civilization developed to a certain height, it would inevitably use the planet’s energy.

In the vicinity of its star to build a huge ball of Dyson, like a ball around the star rotation, to collect energy from the star for their own use.

The more than 100 stars may have been collected by the alien civilization’s Dyson sphere, so they suddenly disappeared. And if we can find the location of these Dyson balls, we can find alien civilizations.

Xiaobian believes that because the current level of science and technology of human beings is limited, so is their understanding of the universe. Therefore, if they want to know more truth, the only thing they can do is to make progress first and strive for development.

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