More than 100 years of deception in ancient Egypt has finally been detected, and all may be done by conspiracy theorists

In 1879, a team of British archaeologists, while conducting scientific research in the desert near ancient Egypt, came across an ancient site. The archaeologists made a detailed exploration of it. The most peculiar thing is that there are many patterns of airplanes on the wall. When the researchers saw these patterns of birds on the wall, they were surprised. Because the birds painted on the murals are very different from what they saw in peacetime, it gives people a very strange feeling.

It can be imagined that in 1898, in ancient Egypt, a group of grave robbers began to excavate many ancient tombs that had never been found before and steal many treasures. Although a pure gold statue was very dazzling at that time, modern people think that it was a gold airplane model. But at that time, there were no airplanes on the earth, which made archaeologists doubt this.

The reason is very simple. Just like the time when airplanes appeared on the earth, the Wright brothers invented airplanes in 1903. That is to say, before 1903, airplanes could not exist on the earth at all. Obviously, in the two things mentioned above, this strange situation gave rise to a strange idea. Thus the outside world began a new round of speculation, the most typical is the close relationship with ancient Egyptian tribes.

Because these two things happened in ancient Egypt, when people mention ancient Egypt, they will associate with pyramids, which makes scientists study this mysterious building for hundreds of years, but they don’t do in-depth research on it. So many people begin to say that the aircraft patterns and aircraft models made of pure gold found in ancient Egypt are probably the crystallization of ancient Egyptian wisdom.

Maybe they built airplanes thousands of years ago, which surpasses human beings thousands of years ago. That’s the gap between civilizations. It’s enough to see the differences between ancient Egyptian tribes and human beings. Some experts believe that they may have come from advanced civilizations outside the earth, which produced these highly intelligent material products.

As soon as these words came out, the scientists felt a bit unreasonable, because in the past, when scientists were studying the ancient Egyptian civilization, they did encounter many incredible things, but in this case, it can only show that the ancient Egyptians had great wisdom, and they can not jump to the conclusion that they were advanced alien civilization.

After in-depth study of these two air disasters, scientists found that this is a conspiracy theory of intentional people, and behind it is obviously deception. In 1879, a plane claimed to have found the remains of murals in the desert near ancient Egypt. These murals were not left over from ancient times, but were hand drawn to confuse the public.

What’s more surprising is that the aircraft model made of pure gold stolen from tomb robbers in 1898 is not an aircraft invented by ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago, but a religious object within the tribe at that time. It is exactly the same as the aircraft invented later. Moreover, these are all the embellishments of conspiracy theorists. It takes more than 100 years for scientists to explore the earth.

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