More than 10000 meters underground, scientists found 2 billion years ago, but it has become a fossil

Scientists of the former Soviet Union created a miracle in more than 20 years, that is, the world-famous Kela ultra deep drilling. At first, scientists aimed at the earth’s core. In 1989, they drilled into the point 12262 meters deep into the earth, which was the deepest drilling point on the earth at that time. When the drilling project reached 5 kilometers deep into the earth, people were surprised to find that there was water here, and this layer was very small It’s definitely not a simple underground water. It’s formed when hydrogen and oxygen atoms are forced together under very high underground pressure. The drilling project has reached a depth of 6.7 kilometers, and scientists have detected something new – organic gas and water, which proves that organisms once existed at this depth of the earth.

In the process of further drilling, according to the micro plankton fossils found more than 10000 meters underground, these organisms did exist on the earth more than 2 billion years ago, and there are more than 20 kinds of microbial fossils. This soil layer, which was once on the surface of the earth two billion years ago, was found in such a deep stratum because of the long-term crustal movement and soil cover. This time, the fossils are surprisingly complete, which are different from those found in other places. Most of them are fragments or parts. It is the ultrahigh pressure and ultrahigh temperature under the earth that keep these fossils intact. Unfortunately, these creatures, which were 2 billion years ago, have now become fossils and can not be as vivid as they used to be.

Drilling continues, however, to a depth of 12 kilometers, the formation is 2.7 billion years old. The temperature around the drill was close to 200 degrees, while the drill designed by scientists before could only withstand the temperature of 100 degrees at most. The drilling and excavation work was once blocked. The next year, the drilling and excavation project continued only 100 meters, reaching the depth of 12262 meters. At that time, the deepest point of the earth that human beings could explore was only 11034 meters, But the distance from people’s goal is still 6000 kilometers away, so the drilling and excavation project finally stopped here.

Now, on the border between Russia and Norway, there is an abandoned white building, where people can see a rusty iron plate. Under the plate is the mysterious drilling hole. Although this feat failed to achieve people’s planned goal in the end, very precious microbial fossils were excavated, which proved the survival of the earth’s creatures two billion years ago, and became the most remarkable achievement of this drilling!

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