More than 1400 people in the village lost their hair overnight. Geologists went to investigate and were unfortunately recruited

“As long as you don’t do bad things, you’re not afraid to shave your head in the middle of the night.” This is a slogan used by people to promote goodwill and warn people not to do evil. But in real life, a village people, they did not do evil, even this happened!

Huilong village is located in Qianxinan Prefecture, Guizhou Province, with beautiful scenery. When a young villager was doing farm work outside, he heard his mother scream. He fixed his eyes and found that it was her hair. He was a little confused and afraid about this, so he took his mother to see a doctor. The doctor diagnosed it as a kind of alopecia areata, the pathogenesis is not clear, but it is not infectious, and prescribed topical drugs to his mother.

The doctor’s diagnosis and prescription were reassuring, but it didn’t last long. In addition to his mother, other villagers began to lose their hair. There are 1800 people in this village, and now 1400 people are beginning to suffer from hair loss. Some timid villagers have no way to worship the gods, but they did not expect that the villagers would not lose their hair in those days. The news spread immediately, and every household in the village began to worship the gods.

When they got the news, scientists from all walks of life couldn’t sit still. They came here to explore. Unexpectedly, most geologists were bald. Therefore, the legend of “being shaved, only worship God will be good” is even more bizarre. Some scholars have proposed that this used to be a place where mercury mines were mined. Could it be caused by mercury poisoning? This idea was immediately rejected by medical experts – mercury poisoning never causes hair loss, and it’s collective, which is impossible.

There was nothing to do about it, but I didn’t expect that the final revelation came from a meal. When the scholars came back from their investigation, they set aside the instruments for detecting radioactive elements, but they did not expect that the instruments would keep ringing. But the strangest thing is that the mercury mine here has been mined out, and there is no radioactive material in principle. Then why are radioactive substances detected? Subsequently, a large number of mining teams came here and found thallium under the mercury mine.

Then why do villagers lose their hair when they worship the mountain god? Geologists also lose their hair? It turned out that there was a piece of farmland on the thallium mine, in which a unique local plant was planted, which tasted delicious. When worshiping the mountain god, the villagers will take this plant as a tribute, so during this period, the people in the village will not eat it. So when villagers don’t eat this kind of food, that is, when they sacrifice to gods, they will not lose their hair naturally. Geologists, for villagers, are guests from afar. Naturally, the food should have local characteristics. Therefore, this plant is also on their table, and geologists lose their hair after eating it.

It seems that not worshiping the gods led to his rage and made the whole village lose their hair, but in fact, it was because of a blunder that made the whole village thallium poisoned. When strange events happen, we should start from the subtle level of life and analyze the truth. Don’t think it’s God’s fault, but always believe in atheism.

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