More than 200 million years ago, it rained heavily for more than one million years. What’s the matter?

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The earth was born 4.6 billion years ago. After a long evolution and development, it finally became a living planet. Human beings were born millions of years ago. As we all know, before the birth of human beings, dinosaurs dominated the world for about 160 million years. How did such powerful dinosaurs evolve? Here we have to mention a heavy rain that lasted for millions of years more than 200 million years ago.

Through research, scientists have found that the earth’s weather, ecological climate and so on are not unchanged in the long billions of years, but have experienced several major changes. The last great global change is the plate separation more than 200 million years ago. I believe many people know that 234 million years ago was the Triassic period.

The Triassic continent was not the same as it is now, but was basically in a whole state. At that time, the plate movement had not really started, and many continents were not separated, but were connected. Because the mainland was not separated at that time, the air inside the mainland was very dry as a whole. Dry climate will inevitably lead to very little rainfall, just like the western region of China now.

However, this situation began to change 200 million years ago. The connected continents began to split. This is the global plate splitting movement. Plate movement caused large-scale volcanic movement, these volcanoes will be stored in the earth’s interior carbon dioxide, a large number of emissions to the atmosphere, resulting in the greenhouse effect, the earth’s temperature has increased significantly.

The release of a large number of carbon dioxide and the rising global temperature have produced obvious convective weather. The air on the ground is heated up, and a large amount of water vapor carried in the air is exothermic liquefied in the process of rising, forming rainy weather. If the temperature of the clouds is lower, the water vapor will solidify directly, which is called ice, forming hail weather.

The rising temperature makes the sea water evaporate and sent to the clouds, continuously adding water to the atmosphere, thus forming a rainy weather of more than 1 million years. So how did scientists come to this conclusion? The reason is that in the last century, scientists found a large number of sedimentary rocks containing this red sandstone in coastal areas such as Japan, Argentina and Italy. To know where these sand stones should be in the interior of the continent, how did they come to the coastal areas?

After a long period of study, geologists finally have a preliminary understanding of this phenomenon. According to the sedimentary rocks formed by these red sands, their formation tracks and patterns, geologists believe that this is the result of rain erosion. Later, through computer simulation, scientists successfully reproduced the scene at that time, which is highly consistent with their conjecture. Therefore, scientists also came to the conjecture that the Triassic period 200 million years ago had rainy weather for more than 1 million years.

Violent plate movement and rainy weather for more than one million years will inevitably have a huge impact on the earth’s life system and ecosystem. In fact, it is true that in the long millions of years, great changes have taken place in the continents of the earth. The original whole continent has disappeared and divided into many continents, large and small.

At the same time, a lot of organisms also died out in this violent geological movement, and this plate movement is also the fourth of the five mass extinctions in the history of earth life. Life is not only endless, although in such a dramatic change, many creatures have been extinct and disappeared in the long history, but new creatures began to be born. At the same time, there are also creatures, which are very familiar with dinosaurs.

According to fossil research, dinosaurs accounted for only 5% of all vertebrates on land before the heavy rain, and 90% after the heavy rain. Why dinosaurs can rise in the great ecological changes is still a mystery. It’s very difficult for us to survive in the millions of years of plate movement, rainy weather and land life. However, dinosaurs did not get into trouble because of this. Instead, they made them become the new overlord of the earth.

More than one million years later, the vigorous volcanic movement gradually stopped, and the sky of the earth became clear again. At this time, the earth has undergone earth shaking changes after the baptism of heavy rain. Countless lives have disappeared forever, and countless lives have been reborn. In this looting, the real winner is the dinosaur, which has become the overlord of the earth and started a long ruling period.

From the history of 200 million years ago, mankind should also reflect deeply. Now, with the rapid development of human science and technology, a large amount of carbon dioxide is continuously emitted into the atmosphere, and the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is also rising. The resulting greenhouse effect leads to the continuous rise of global temperature, which is similar to the situation of heavy rain lasting for one million years 200 million years ago.

Two hundred million years ago, plate movement led to volcanic movement, which brought a large amount of carbon dioxide into the air, causing the global temperature to rise continuously. Now the human science and technology plunder also let a lot of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, also brought a strong greenhouse effect, leading to the global temperature rising. If the global temperature continues to rise, will there be another long rain in the future?

This possibility is not absent. I believe you can clearly feel that the temperature is getting higher year by year in recent years. At the same time, in spring, summer and autumn, the rainfall weather has increased significantly, especially in the coastal areas, the rainfall and duration have increased a lot. Is this a warning?

If the earth’s temperature continues to rise, when the temperature over the ocean also rises by about 45 degrees Celsius, a large amount of evaporated water vapor will also reach the clouds, forming a continuous strong convective weather. At that time, the earth may fall into a long rainy climate again. Although it is not as violent as 200 million years ago, the long and continuous rainy weather will have a negative impact on the earth’s ecology The impact and the survival of mankind will be huge.

Therefore, it is a very urgent task for us to do a good job in protecting the earth’s ecological environment. If human beings no longer form a collective awareness of environmental protection, do not feel the coming crisis, or continue to destroy the earth without restraint, it will be too late to protect the earth when the real disaster comes. Nature can breed human beings, and it may also choose to destroy us in the future because of human destruction. We don’t want that to happen.

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