More than 200 times larger than the asteroid that killed dinosaurs, in a flash, or change the fate of Mars

65 million years ago, an asteroid with a diameter of about 10 kilometers hit the Yucatan Peninsula, which is now located in Mexico. Since then, it triggered a tsunami, earthquake and volcanic eruption. The dust covered the sun, ending the era of dinosaurs, which ruled the earth’s ecosystem for 160 million years. Such a small celestial body has such great power. What’s more?

There are tens of thousands of craters of different sizes on Mars. Many people are puzzled by their existence. According to some theories, advanced civilizations once lived on Mars. At that time, Mars, like the earth, had a thick atmosphere, a vast ocean, and even a species “Martian” like human beings.

But because of some unknown reasons, they had a war, and finally broke out the “Mars nuclear war”, all traces of civilization disappeared. If we just imagine, it is quite possible. However, mainstream science does not support this theory. To solve the problem of craters on Mars, we have to start with the formation of the solar system.

Our solar system was formed in the early chaotic collisions. With the planets finally entering stable orbits 3.8 billion years ago, the disaster of the solar system has just begun. Asteroids and comets will hit the planet at any time, and rampant volcanic activities frequently occur on the planet.

Scientists have found that Mars has been destroyed five times by catastrophic volcanic activities, making Mars present a “skin color” different from other planets in the solar system.

We can judge how old Mars is by observing how many craters there are on the surface of Mars. If the surface is relatively young, then the time of crater formation is relatively short, and the surface will be basically flat. If its surface is very old, then we will see a lot of craters.

NASA, on the other hand, is staring at a huge and strange crater near the Martian North Pole, the Martian North Pole crater. This crater accounts for about 40% of the surface area of Mars, which proves that Mars had a very violent past.

According to calculation, the culprit of Mars collision is about the same size as Pluto, with a diameter of more than 2000 kilometers. In contrast, the asteroid of dinosaur era can only be regarded as a fraction.

The European Space Agency’s Mars “express” space probe has photographed that in this huge crater, it is full of ice. From a distance, it looks like a milk lake, which is very beautiful!

The crater is full of ice and presents all year round, so it is also called “permafrost crater”. The ice is distributed in the form of thin layer of frost at the edge and bottom of the crater. According to experts, the reason for the formation of this kind of ice is the cold trap phenomenon. Because there is ice in the crater, the air on the ice surface cools but does not sink, forming a layer of cold air to prevent heat conduction and forming a protective shield. In short, when air flows over the ice, the ice will cool and sink, and then produce cold air over the cold sediments, so that the ice in the pit can remain stable and prevent the ice from melting.

To get back to the point, imagine what kind of disaster such a huge celestial body will cause to Mars. As mentioned earlier, Mars is a livable planet, and it breeds the seeds of life. But when the impact comes, everything turns to nothing, debris flies everywhere, and lava is everywhere. Mars really becomes “Mars”, and then embarks on the opposite path to the earth.

The universe is full of unknown dangers. Only human beings are strong enough to protect themselves, because even the earth is not a permanent haven.

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