More than 50% of the males mate to death. Why do Australian bag shrews mate for 14 hours at a time?

When it comes to Australia, many people can’t help praising that “this is the animal kingdom”. Koala koala, known as “Australian Panda”, is especially popular. Kangaroo, wild deer and other animals are unforgettable. In this thick soil of Australia, the appropriate ecological environment is the paradise for animals. It is worth mentioning that among all Australian animals, there is a kind of wild animal, which has been doing something meaningless but makes people feel shy. Especially when the estrus is coming, these wild animals would rather consume all their physical strength than do something boring and not easy. This kind of wild animal is the dark bag shrew that we are going to talk about today.

Darkbag shrew: the longest mating creature in nature

In Darwin’s biological evolution, the reproduction and evolution of organisms is the law of circulation in nature. All organisms will undertake two important tasks in nature, one is survival, the other is reproduction. Different species have different ways of mating and reproduction. Some organisms will retain the original way of reproduction, which is called asexual reproduction, in which only one party participates. The other is sexual reproduction. All creatures have different ways of mating and different lengths of time. The mating time of some creatures can be described as fleeting, just like “flash man”. In some animals, the mating time is long. Among them, the longer mating time is the dark bag shrew.

The black bag shrew is a small carnivorous mammal. It sleeps in the daytime and rises at night. Although it is small, it has a very fierce temperament. It is a mammal with placenta. In the world, there are two kinds of dark bag shrews, one is in Australia, the other is in Tasmania. This kind of dark bag shrew belongs to placental free mammal, and its nursery bags are outside, such as kangaroo, wallaby, beaver, kangaroo and so on. In the process of mating, scientists will find an organ phenomenon, that is, each mating time of dark bag shrew is nearly 14 hours. After the end of each mating period, scientists will find that many male dark bag shrews inexplicably die in large numbers.

The picture shows the bag of the bag shrew

Why do nearly 50% of male black bag shrews die after each mating?

Seeing that nearly 50% of the male black bag shrews have died in large numbers, scientists are very skeptical: “are black bag shrews and Mantis the same kind of sexual predators?” If the black bag shrew is also a kind of sexual predator, the male black bag shrew should be in the same state as the male cockroach, but why is the body of the male black bag shrew intact?

After a long period of research, scientists have discovered a secret that every time a male black bag shrew needs to mate during the estrous period, it will enter a state of “working hard”. The longest mating time can reach nearly 14 hours. Surprisingly, the longer the male black bag shrew copulates, the more androgen it secretes. After the gradual increase of testosterone, the more androgen it secretes The faster the energy will be consumed, and over time, when the immune system of the male black bag shrew fails, it will collapse and die. Even if a few male black bag shrews did not die on the spot, due to the rapid energy consumption and physical decay, they would no longer be able to meet the needs of female black bag shrews and complete the task of mating and reproduction.

What is the reason why male black bag shrews are so crazy about mating?

Most of the black bag shrews living in Australia are mammals with pouch. The reason why they mate for such a long time is mainly related to their body structure and ecological environment.

Scientists found that at the end of dinosaur’s life, in order to adapt to the living environment, many mammals would keep the developed eggs in the fallopian tube for a longer time. Some mammals even produced placenta, which can better protect the fetus. It is the mother and son of post mammalian and mammalian mammals during pregnancy, which is formed by the combination of embryonic membrane and maternal endometrium A transitional organ that exchanges material between cells. However, some mammals do not fully develop placentas. Instead, they breed breeding bags, which become a haven for the fetus. If these breeding methods with the change of ecological environment are suitable for mammals, they are not suitable for dark bag shrews. In particular, male dark bag shrews naturally have higher androgen levels than other mammals, He was extremely energetic. It is also because the male black bag shrew has a high level of androgen, their blood glucose metabolism ability is also very high, in this hormone androgen level stimulation, the male black bag shrew will have super strong “mating ability”.

In 14 days without eating or drinking, they can also complete the mating career and reproduce. But what good is it for the whole race that this kind of precipitous mating method brings the male black bag shrew to the end of his life? Scientists have not yet reached a definite conclusion on this issue, but the only thing they can be sure is that the male black bag shrew does all he can to breed in order to better inherit his genes. Moreover, in the case of food shortage, male black bag shrews only choose to “commit suicide”, so that their offspring can get more food, so that their offspring can survive better.

Apart from the male black bag shrew, which other creatures have been mating longer on earth?

In addition to the long mating time of male black bag shrews, there is another species in the ocean that has a long mating time. It is Pipa fish. In the deep sea, it is difficult for male Pipa fish to find a mate. In order to reproduce in the dark and deep sea, they can only find female Pipa fish by their own sense of smell. However, because female Pipa fish is many times larger than themselves, it is difficult for male Pipa fish to find a mate As for fish, they will still work hard to mate. Only when they continuously transfer their sperm to female lute fish, the probability of breeding offspring will be higher. In other words, both male and female lute fish spend their whole lives in mating.

For hermaphroditic creatures, all mating methods change with their evolution. In nature, there is a word called “opposite sex attraction”, which can stimulate the mating desire of the opposite sex and make the male produce the corresponding physiological response. This kind of behavior is innate. Different creatures have different mating methods and mating times. Each species is constantly striving for better reproduction. For us, the only thing we can do is to respect the life of all species in the nature, We can’t exploit nature on the basis of the existence of our own race. We should work for the welfare of other species. After all, every species has its value. To be kind to nature is to be kind to human beings!

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