More than 600 million people will be affected by the global flood crisis in 2100, scientists have warned!

Many people say that 2020 is a magical year. Now half of the time has passed. We can clearly feel that the temperature has changed this year. As the coldest north and south poles on the earth, they have not been able to get rid of the doom of high temperature. The pictures of red snow in Antarctica and the collapse of the Arctic ice shelf, which we did not dare to imagine, actually appeared in the world. Scientists have even issued a warning for this situation. If the environmental situation can not be changed, human beings may face an ocean crisis.

In 2100, mankind may encounter a flood

According to the prediction of scientists, mankind may face a huge global flood in the future. A large number of glaciers melt and the sea level of the ocean continues to rise, which means that a natural disaster will break out in the near future. Now this trend is slowly unfolding. With the change of the global ecosystem, the ecology of some inland countries is also being attacked by the ocean. According to the prediction of scientists, a large area of land will be destroyed in the next century When the sea is submerged, some low-lying countries will disappear from the surface. By 2100, the frequency of flood disasters will increase by 50%.

Floods will be a threat to the world

Such a prediction is a blow to human beings. If there is a flood crisis in 2011, where will human beings go? According to the available data, more than 600 million people on earth live at an altitude of less than 10 meters. If the sea level rises and the flood breaks out, the 600 million people will disappear on the earth with the sea, and the population affected by the flood will be far more than 600 million people, and will be engulfed by the sea in China, India and even some parts of Australia. Therefore, scientists are also on the way to find a second earth. In the face of such an environment, is it really impossible for human beings to change?

Is it useful for human beings to protect the environment?

Although many countries have carried out activities to protect the environment, and people begin to restrain their own behavior from now on, such efforts seem to be a drop in the bucket under the climate warming environment. According to the existing data, the earth’s temperature has been rising, and 2020 has even become the hottest year in recent decades. Scientists believe that the current environment seems to have reached a critical point. Even if human beings begin to change from now on, there is not much time left for us.

Therefore, looking for a second planet has become the focus of scientists’ consideration. 2020 is a high incidence year for Mars exploration, and many countries are preparing to launch probes to Mars. However, scientists have poured a basin of cold water on human beings. The current Martian environment is not suitable for human habitation. It will take 200-300 years for human beings to really transform Mars.

Therefore, human beings seem to have entered a dilemma. We can’t change anything from the root. We can only protect the earth from now on. What do you want to say about this situation?

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