Mother and daughter were electrocuted to death in a rainstorm in Guangdong Province. Remember these four tips to save lives at the critical moment!

Recently, under the influence of Typhoon “aiyunni”, a rainstorm occurred in southern provinces of China, resulting in the death of a mother and daughter by electric shock at a bus stop in Chancheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. However, this is not an accident. At noon in August, a 17-year-old boy in Guangdong Province was electrocuted when he passed a horse road in a rainy day. After rescue, he died, and the life of a young man withered . In addition to grief, we should clearly realize that rainstorm is a natural disaster, while electric shock is a man-made disaster. Natural disasters are inevitable, but man-made disasters can! Please bear in mind the following tips and take responsibility for your own and your family’s lives.

1. In rainstorm days, please do not go under the high-voltage wires and live facilities to take shelter from the rain. Please stay away from the poles and cable-stayed wires as far as possible, because rainstorm weather is often accompanied by strong wind, lightning and other destructive natural phenomena, which may cause the high-voltage wires to fall off and the cable-stayed wires to be charged, thus bringing danger to the lives of pedestrians.

2. Please choose the road without water as far as possible, because the water and human body can conduct electricity. If the high-voltage wire falls into the water, it will endanger the lives of pedestrians whose feet are in the water. If you have to go through the water section, you must see the road conditions at that time, and see if there are wires broken, any faults in the poles, or the wires are broken nearby It’s a dangerous situation. Even children often have electric shock accidents in the fountain. Similarly, if any electrical appliance is soaked in water, try to stay away from it as far as possible. If you find the above situation, please do not deal with it by yourself. Please dial 95598 at the first time.

3. If you feel numbness and tingling in the water, please lift one foot immediately, jump with one foot and get out of the water area as soon as possible. This is because the human body is conductive, one foot is in the water, and the other foot is not in the water. It belongs to disconnection, and there will be no electric injury for the time being, but please jump out of the water area as soon as possible to avoid other accidents.

4. If you find that someone is electrocuted, don’t rush to help, you should dial 120 first, otherwise you will get electrocuted!

In fact, the best way is extreme weather, we had better not go out, the best, Xiaobian wish you readers can be safe and happy.

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