Mouse genes are 85% similar to human genes. Why do they look totally different

I believe many friends know that on the way to research and explore the mysteries of life, especially the mysteries of human body, many life experiments are carried out on mice first. Some new drugs and so on, often need to be tested in mice, to determine that there is no problem before they start to be applied in human clinical.

Why do scientists conduct many biological experiments on mice? In fact, the reason is not complicated. The main reason is that mouse genes are very similar to human genes. According to the research of scientists, the gene similarity between mouse and human is more than 85%. Seeing this, many people will have such a question: since the gene similarity between mouse and human is so high, why is it totally different from human?

We need to know that chimpanzees and humans have a genetic similarity of 95%. Although there are many differences between chimpanzees and humans in appearance, chimpanzees also have a human look, but mice don’t even have a basic human look. Why? We also need to start with the core mystery of life. I believe friends all know that DNA is an important genetic material of human beings, and DNA is composed of deoxyribonucleotides.

Deoxyribonucleotides include: phosphate, deoxyribose, base, hydrogen bond. Among these compositions, the sequence of base pairs determines the genetic information. There are more than 3 billion base pairs in the human body, and so many base pairs have countless permutations and combinations. To put it simply, there are more than 3 billion base pairs, which determine a person’s genetic information through different permutations.

This is similar to the computer program editing of human science and technology. There are not many basic symbols in computer programs, but these basic symbols are combined into complex computer programs through various permutations. Even artificial intelligence is just a combination of limited basic information. Compared with the more than 3 billion base pairs in human DNA, the basic symbols of computer language are the difference between the sky and the earth, and there is no comparability at all.

From this we can see how complex life is, especially the advanced life like human beings, which is even more complex and inconceivable. Not all of the more than 3 billion base pairs will be shown in you. Many base pairs are useless and not shown in you, such as scales, tails, etc. The useful sequence of base pairs can form various proteins through transcription, translation and other processes, and human shape is realized through proteins.

That is to say, the appearance and appearance of human beings are determined by the protein formed by the arrangement of base pairs. Among the more than 3 billion base pairs of human beings, only a small part of them are different from each other, and most of the genetic codes are the same.

If the human genetic code can be printed out, there are about 262000 papers, only 500 of which belong to you alone, and the others are all owned by human beings. Don’t underestimate this small proportion of 500 pieces. The difference between people is reflected in this small 500 pieces of genetic information. Therefore, the gene confidence of everyone in the world can reach 99.99%.

If someone’s gene is less than 99.99% similar to others, then this person may not be human. More boldly, this person may be the intelligent life of alien civilization. As long as they are human, even if they have no blood relationship, even if they are a yellow race or a black race, their genetic similarity is also 99.99%.

The reason why mouse gene and human gene can reach 85% is that human and mouse shared a common ancestor 100 million years ago. I believe many friends understand that mice and humans are mammals in essence. One hundred million years ago, it was the age of dinosaurs dominating the earth. Although mammals have been born, they can only survive in the age of dinosaurs dominating the earth.

At that time, mammals, the common ancestor of humans and mice, could only come out at night. At that time, the biosphere was a weak creature at the bottom of the biological chain. It was not until the great ecological changes and the extinction of dinosaurs that mammals began to develop rapidly in the spring.

It was also at this time that the ancestors of human beings and mice began to separate. Later, with the movement of the plate, the genetic gap between the two became larger and larger due to the natural environment, until they became completely different species. Although humans and mice have become different species, there are many similarities in protein coding genes between humans and mice. 85% of the gene similarity tells us that humans and mice have a common ancestor in ancient times.

It is such a huge similarity that mice and humans still have a huge difference in appearance. Only mammals like chimpanzees, with 95% genetic similarity to humans, can have some appearance similar to humans. It can be seen that if any species wants to have a similar appearance to human beings, the genetic similarity must reach more than 95%.

In fact, all species on the earth now, if traced back, actually have a common ancestor, so the genetic similarity between life on the earth is not low. Even in plants like bananas, their genes are 50% similar to those of humans. It can be seen that although the external performance of life on earth is different, there are many similarities in the internal genes.

It is precisely because of the high similarity between mouse gene and human gene, so when scientists carry out various biological experiments, mice become a good experimental object. Mice are small, but they are very smart animals. Of course, mice are not popular with people. They are too destructive.

And with the continuous progress of human science and technology, the rapid development of gene technology, scientists in order to study the mystery of the human body, also began to inject some human genes into mice. If so, it is possible that intelligent mice will appear in the laboratory in the future. If mice have wisdom, it is not good news for human beings.

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