Musk said that human beings will truly realize “brain communication” in the next five years!

Musk said that human beings will truly realize “brain communication” in the next five years!

The development of human civilization requires the joint efforts of all, not that one person can do it. In recent years, we can clearly feel the improvement of the field of science and technology, more and more high-tech emerging, human beings are enjoying the convenience of science and technology. Everyone must have heard of musk, a madman in the universe. The technology he often invests in is very imaginative.

Among the numerous investment technologies, one has attracted the attention of the whole world, that is nerve lace, which will change human civilization. In an interview, musk claimed that his neuro lace technology will be directly realized in the next five years. The communication between people can be realized through the brain. For example, two people in the same room can talk through the brain without too much contact or talking, and finally reach an agreement. Musk said that human beings will truly realize “brain communication” in the next five years!

This technology sounds very advanced, and it’s very difficult to succeed. It’s under development. It mainly uses countless tiny electrodes to insert into the human brain to realize the connection between the human brain and the computer, so as to enhance people’s intelligence or consciousness. Now we can’t imagine what will happen when the human brain is connected to the computer? The initial application of this technology is to hope that some patients with nerve injury can obtain some more abilities and integrate them into the society.

According to musk, this technology has made a breakthrough. It has been implanted into the monkey brain. After a while, it can be implanted into the human brain. Musk also claimed that human oral communication is not reliable, and there is no brain. Communication is highly practical. If we really realize this technology in the future, we may find it too convenient at the beginning. However, after thinking about it, there are also many disadvantages. Human brain communication can indicate the progress of society and technology, but it has lost its original charm. Human beings can express their feelings through language communication, and brain communication will be completely different. Musk also revealed that it will be possible in the next five years If it can be realized, neural lace technology has been working hard.

It also needs human experiments. If it is really popular, it will take almost ten years. At present, many people are still worried about this technology, which has involved ethical issues. Since musk dares to propose such a technology, there must be a reason for it. Maybe it’s really close to us. This seemingly distant technology may not be so far away. If you want to realize this technology, you must be fully prepared in all aspects.

Many people will definitely not be able to accept this technology in a short period of time. In the future, it will develop in the direction of artificial intelligence. If this technology is really realized, maybe the future society of human beings will change dramatically. What do you think of Musk’s technology? You can leave a message for interaction.

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