Musk’s company plans animal experiments, will human brain chips come true?

The development of modern artificial intelligence technology is very rapid, and the go of human culture for thousands of years is finally defeated by artificial intelligence. It can be seen that the data processing ability of artificial intelligence is not comparable to that of human brain, and it is not in a quantity pole at all. In the future, human work will be replaced by artificial intelligence, and human may be controlled by artificial intelligence. Will this happen?

Friends who have seen science fiction movies believe that they all have the courage. Once AI has its own thinking, it will be a terrible thing, and the threat to human society will become greater. It is impossible for human beings to give up the research of artificial intelligence. Is there a way to make human brain have the ability to process data like artificial intelligence? The answer is yes.

We have seen some sci-fi novels and movies. Human beings and other civilizations who have entered the interstellar civilization will implant microchips into their brains. The combination of microchips and brains enables human beings to have super data processing ability and other abilities, so that they can better adapt to the changing environment of the universe.

So in reality, can we also implant such chips into the human brain? Some time ago, it was reported that neuralink, Elon Musk’s brain computer interaction company, may be testing the “matrix” version of the animal brain interface. The company’s goal is to develop brain implants to improve people’s mental abilities. Musk said that this technology will enable the human brain to compete with the future invincible artificial intelligence system. In July 2016, musk registered a “medical research” company named neuralink in California, which is committed to the research and development of “neurolace”. The technology implants tiny electrodes into the human brain to connect the human brain with a computer, allowing them to communicate directly, so that human brain activity can be uploaded and downloaded like information.

It seems that some scientists have begun to carry out tests and experiments in this field. In fact, the human brain is a super intelligent computer, but the human brain computer can not give full play to its full potential. We can only use 10% of it to develop the potential of the brain, which is also an important research project of current scientists. However, it is difficult to develop the potential of the brain to reach the level of artificial intelligence It’s very difficult. Scientists have come up with another way, which is to give brain plants an intelligent chip to connect the chip with the brain, so that the brain will have the same data processing ability as artificial intelligence.

Implanted brain chips can also greatly improve people’s learning speed. Perhaps at that time, people will have the ability to never forget. People can quickly input the text content they see into the brain chip. Now nine years of school curriculum can be completed in only a few months, and human beings can learn more knowledge in a limited time. For scientists, with a super brain and the ability to process data like artificial intelligence, the progress of research will be rapid and the process of human civilization will be greatly accelerated.

The interstellar age is not only the era of scientific and technological civilization, but also the era of human ability development, especially the development of brain. Only in this way can we adapt to the changeable environment in the universe, and human beings can go further.

At present, the technology of brain chip implantation is still in the initial stage. Human beings need to carry out countless experiments on animals. Once the experiment is successful, it will be epoch-making for the progress of human civilization. We are looking forward to this day.

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