“Mutant Octopus” in the coastal area of Japan? Will the radiation power of Fukushima still affect us?

When we talk about the nuclear leakage, many people will think of Chernobyl, the explosion of No.4 nuclear reactor, which directly led to today’s Chernobyl becoming a ghost town. Now few people will remember that in 2011, a big earthquake broke out in Japan. At that time, Fukushima nuclear power station was affected by the earthquake and tsunami, which led to a serious nuclear leakage accident.


Some time ago, Japan made a crazy move, saying that it would discharge the waste water from the Fukushima nuclear accident into the Pacific Ocean, which has been condemned by many countries. Scientists believe that this is irresponsible for the earth’s environment and human survival. Unexpectedly, the problem of nuclear waste water in Japan has not been solved, and now there is another storm. After scientists initially speculated that there was a nuclear mutation related to the animals in the coastal area of Fukushima.

Mutant octopus?


Miyagi Prefecture in Japan is very close to Fukushima, but the local residents are not affected by nuclear radiation. Nine years later, the people in Miyagi Prefecture are still very comfortable here. Until some time ago, the local residents caught an octopus, and the octopus actually has nine tentacles. This situation has aroused great repercussions, and this change has even occurred in the ocean Alien creatures, it’s amazing.


Scientists believe that octopus has nine tentacles, which are generally caused by gene mutation. Besides natural factors, gene mutation is also closely related to human behavior. Nuclear radiation is an important factor in genetic variation, so scientists believe that this octopus with nine tentacles is the product of nuclear radiation variation. They believe that although the residents living in Miyagi Prefecture are not affected by nuclear radiation, the nearby ocean is affected by nuclear radiation, so the living creatures in the ocean have also changed.

The harm of nuclear radiation


We often say that nuclear radiation is very serious. In fact, nuclear radiation can make biological DNA mutate. In this way, DNA can not replicate normally, so biological appearance will become different. Like many people exposed to nuclear radiation, their offspring are often deformed children. Many people are very worried after seeing this situation in Japan. If nuclear radiation causes gene mutation in animals, does it mean that it will affect human beings?


Scientists believe that we can’t make a final decision on whether the marine organisms are exposed to nuclear radiation, but the local residents must improve their ability to distinguish. If they eat the mutated marine organisms by mistake, it will eventually affect the human body. Therefore, it is immoral to discharge nuclear sewage. If a large number of radioactive elements enter the ocean, marine organisms will mutate, and only humans will pay for it.

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