My wife told me that these artifacts were born to subdue men

It’s not safe for women to walk at night. At this time, they need the anti wolf artifact. Today, Xiao Bian will introduce all kinds of anti wolf artifact.

Anti wolf alarm: this kind of light and convenient, take it with you, just press it when you are in danger.

Self defense ring: seemingly small and powerful.

Close defense: one move to defeat the enemy.

Anti wolf electric shock stick: classic is also the most effective, the wolf shake it ~ and the most advanced lipstick series.

Flash torch: instant light blind sex Wolf

Velvet Pants: dare to ask the sex wolf, do you still have to do it?

There are anti wolf clothing series: our goal is to kill you

Is the ability of these things OK? Now girls are so insecure and all kinds of cases happen frequently. We must learn to protect ourselves and let the man who endangers herself have no power to fight back.

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