“Mysterious clouds” appear over the United States, like UFO. Do aliens hide behind the clouds?

According to foreign media reports on January 2, unidentified objects appeared again over California. According to the video shot by netizens, there is a cloud cluster in the sky. The cloud cluster is still in the sky, the same shape as the UFO in the movie. Therefore, many netizens speculate that this is the alien spaceship coming to earth again?


UFO like cloud cluster


Many UFO enthusiasts believe that the UFO like cloud in the video is the cover up of the alien spacecraft, which is hidden behind the cloud. Although there is not much ideal harvest in the search for extraterrestrial life, many scientists have acquiesced in the existence of aliens. Japanese scientists also claim that there are seeds of life all over the universe. Maybe if a meteorite falls on the earth, the seeds of life will also take root on the earth. For a while, the video spread on the Internet, causing hot discussion among netizens. Scientists put forward their own views after seeing the video.


They think that many UFO videos have nothing to do with aliens, maybe it’s a natural phenomenon, maybe it’s a man-made aircraft, just like the cloud in the video is probably not the so-called UFO, it’s just a cloud, and there is no UFO behind it, but the shape of the cloud is very similar to UFO, so people will take it for granted that the alien spacecraft has arrived on the earth . In fact, the concept of UFO does not only include UFO, but also covers a very wide range. UFO and floating objects in the sky can be considered as UFO.


What is a UFO?


Of course, there are some phenomena that can not be explained by flying objects. Although these objects seem to exist, they are not natural phenomena, nor are they human made aircraft. Just last year, the United States uploaded three videos of UFOs, which were captured by American pilots during their flight missions. The pilots are very experienced and they can see them After capturing these extremely fast unidentified objects, we quickly took these pictures. This is also the first time that human beings recognize the existence of UFOs. If human beings can identify these UFOs, it is very likely that these aircraft were not made by human beings.


Up to now, the United States has not made a final explanation for these UFOs. According to the current exploration process of human beings, we have not found the existence of extraterrestrial life. However, there are tens of thousands of stars in the universe. There may be intelligent life inside some known planets, but we have not detected it.


In addition to the United States, UFOs have appeared over other countries many times, including China. How do you think of these events?

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