Mysterious country in history, inexplicable disappearance, five possible conjectures

When Zhang Qian went to the western regions to create the Silk Road, he also found many countries close to China, such as Kazakhstan and India. But there is such a country, located in the desert, as mysterious as the Pearl of the desert, which can disappear for no reason in just a few hundred years. With its disappearance, there is also a treasure secret of a rich country. This mysterious country is Loulan ancient country, and its disappearance has also aroused unlimited discussion and exploration in later generations. Today, I’d like to share with you five major reasons about the disappearance of Loulan ancient country Guess.

No.1 disappears in the war

Loulan ancient country is located in the west of Lop Nur. It is an important transportation hub in the western regions. The economically developed transportation hub makes neighboring countries especially envious of this “Pearl of desert”. Even the Tang Dynasty has had a strategic layout about Loulan. However, it is recorded in the records of the western regions that the prosperous Loulan country disappeared in just a few years, leaving only residual tiles. It may have been invaded by northern powers, Loulan was prosperous, but its troops were weak, and finally the country was broken.

No.2 is related to geographical changes

Geographers have repeatedly surveyed Loulan ancient country and found that Lop Nur may be the reason for its disappearance. According to the survey, the period of North-South movement of Lop Nur is about 1500 years. In history, European tribes established civilization in Lop Nur around 3000 years. By 1500 years, Loulan ancient country also entered a prosperous era. Therefore, Lop Nur may be the “real culprit” who “destroyed” Loulan.

No.3 desert climate

At first, Loulan is located in the desert, so according to meteorology, geography and archaeology, it is a possibility that Loulan will be swallowed up in the desert as the desert expands. If the conjecture is true, then it is sad that the country’s former wealth will be buried in the yellow sand, and the treasures of those countries will disappear.

No.4 exobiotic invasion

There is a theory in biology that the invasion of exobiotics led to the destruction of the race. Loulan may also disappear because of this reason. In the ruins of the ancient city, the remains of mole cricket insects were found in the ancient world. This kind of insect disaster is similar to locusts. In that era without insecticides, the vitality and adaptability of mole cricket made Loulan residents unable to adapt and forced to leave the country.

No.5 disease

This is a conjecture that archaeological evidence can be found. The group of dry corpses and tombs with tribes as the unit were unearthed in the river relics. The fatal viruses such as tuberculosis virus were extracted from the remains, which may be due to the invasion of the virus. Like plague, the city was slaughtered overnight. Loulan ancient country also gradually moved out of the building after the ruins.

In a word, Loulan ancient country, like Pompeii city, sleeps in the ground for thousands of years. One day, it will see the light of the day again, which will make up for this once magnificent country. If science and technology reach a certain level and revive Loulan City, do you want to explore the secrets of this prosperous country. Welcome to leave a message and express your opinion!

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