Mysterious frescoes appeared 150000 years ago, which are suspected of aliens visiting the earth or revealing the origin of human beings

As the world’s highest peak, the Himalayas is the place people dream of climbing. On any top of the mountain, you can see the most beautiful scenery in the world. Therefore, many tourists come here every year. However, there are few peaks that can be climbed, with an average altitude of no less than 7000 meters. This is the reason for tourists’ altitude reaction. Coupled with the steep terrain, hima mountain is the most beautiful mountain in the world Although mount Laya is very popular with tourists, few people can conquer it.

Naturally, no matter how dangerous the Himalayas are, they can’t stop the scientific investigation team. In order to explore the rumor left over from the last century that Noah’s Ark exists in the Himalayas, the scientific investigation team did not hesitate to come here for investigation despite difficulties and obstacles. Unexpectedly, no trace of Noah’s Ark was found. However, the scientific investigation team found an interesting thing I don’t know.

This happened during a deep exploration by the scientific research team. Due to the weather, the scientific research team had to find caves in the Himalayas. It’s not difficult in the Himalayas. You should know that there are the most caves in the area, and the average history of each cave is no less than 800 years. The scientific research team chose the nearest and largest cave, originally to find a safe one Cave rest, but did not expect a scene in the cave amazing.

Scientists in this cave have found several ancient ape murals 150000 years ago, which is a real impact of time and space for modern humans. As we all know, it is only 200000 years since our ancestors. 150000 years ago, our ancestors were still in the stage of upright walking. It took at least 10000 years for us to know how to use tools. But by calculation, whose works are these murals in Himalayan caves?

At first, scientists were only surprised by the history of the murals. Later, they completely felt that their world outlook collapsed. According to the contents of the murals, it was like this: on the earth 150000 years ago, an alien civilization unexpectedly came to the earth and helped the prehistoric civilization “human” to launch a catastrophe, thus defeating the prehistoric “monster giant” and winning the war Alien civilization wrote this sentence at parting: “we have left precious seeds, and we will come back when the seeds are mature”. The meaning of this sentence makes scientists ponder, what does this precious seed mean? What is the stage of maturity? This is not mentioned in the mural, so there is no answer.

However, scientists believe that the contents of the murals can be explained from another angle: 150000 years ago, due to the relatively large life on the earth, the high concentration of oxygen, and the relatively large life on the earth, prehistoric giants were born. Although these creatures were huge, they were full of wisdom on the prehistoric earth, but later they were born Although they resisted the invasion of aliens, the technology they carried was so advanced that the prehistoric giant civilization could not resist it. At the same time, due to the technological transformation of alien civilization, the oxygen concentration on the earth was adjusted. From then on, the shape of life on the earth was limited and could no longer surpass growth.

After turning the earth into a planet controlled by itself, alien civilizations did not leave. Instead, they sent their own species, primitive humans, to the earth as their spokesperson on the earth, and then they left for the next destination. In terms of their technical level, maybe they are the most advanced civilization in the universe, so it’s not difficult for them to achieve this.

Scientists have this idea because from the perspective of human origin, we have not found any evidence to show that we are the descendants of ancient apes. From the perspective of life evolution, as the most advanced animals on the earth, we have not been restricted by the environment everywhere in our evolution, which completely destroys the relationship between biology and environment. So scientists think that we humans are probably alien species, and the real indigenous civilization on earth is prehistoric giant.

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