Mysterious islands in the Pacific? No record on the map, moving to China?

With the expansion of the world, the pace of mankind has spread all over the world, we have become the supreme ruler of the earth, all of which are inseparable from the vigorous development of science and technology. Relying on advanced technology, our lives have undergone earth shaking changes. A variety of intelligent products have infiltrated into our lives. The elderly can also live in peace and enjoy their family life. However, scientists are not happy when they see such a development momentum. What’s the reason for this?

Small islands in the Pacific

Human beings have become the overlord of the earth, but there are always limited habitats for us to live in. The area of the ocean accounts for 70%, but human beings can not survive in the ocean, so the limited land resources have become the support for the development of various countries. Some time ago, when the expedition was surveying the Pacific Ocean, they made an important discovery. It turned out that an island appeared in front of them. The area of this island is still very vast, which is equivalent to two Texas in the United States. This island is floating on the sea. When they opened the map and wanted to determine the name of this island, they found that there is no island on the map at all According to the records, where did the island come from?

The expedition team was about to approach the island. When they got closer and closer to the island, they suddenly smelled a strong smell, which made them very curious. When they arrived at the island, they were shocked by the scene in front of them. It turned out that the island was not a natural island, but a garbage island composed of garbage dumps. On this garbage island, there are all kinds of garbage created by human beings. The island has been floating on the sea, so it has been moving with the current. This scene is really shocking. Although human beings produce a lot of garbage every day, it is amazing that such a distinctive garbage island appears in front of them.

The environmental situation of the earth

According to the statistics made by scientists, human beings produce hundreds of millions of tons of garbage every year. Although many countries have implemented the garbage sorting policy, it has become a common thing to discard garbage at will in many poor and backward countries. Especially in India, we can always see rubbish heaps everywhere. The highest rubbish heap is even several meters high, which is equivalent to a small building. There are also many areas where a large amount of garbage will be piled up near the ocean. When these plastic garbage enter the ocean, it will damage the marine ecosystem. Therefore, we can often see a large number of fish and marine organisms floating on the sea.

These wastes are a fatal blow to marine life and an alarm to human beings. With the movement of ocean current, scientists have observed that this garbage island is marching towards Asia. Once it enters China’s sea area, it will affect China’s marine environment. After death, if human beings eat the polluted marine life by mistake, it will ultimately affect us?

So we can also understand why scientists are not happy after seeing this garbage island. Nowadays, the earth’s environment is facing a severe situation. Although many countries have begun to find a second home, the process is long. Human beings are still living on the earth, so we should consider now.

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