Mysterious marine creatures, head 3 meters long teeth, the shape of the unicorn in ancient mythology

When it comes to unicorn, I believe we all know it very well. It is the representative of nobility and holiness, and the spokesman of holiness in mythology. Although the world has never seen it with their own eyes, they still have great curiosity about this mysterious animal, because both the records in ancient Chinese books and the fairy tales in Western legends have described the Unicorn with spiral horns on its forehead. So do we have this kind of magical creature in reality?

This kind of animal with “horns” on its head is real. Although it does not match the image of Unicorn in fairy tales, it is more mysterious than it, especially living in the vast ocean!

Here’s an interesting story about this animal. When a foreign man was fishing by the sea, he found a strange creature washed up by the sea. It looked like a fish is not a fish, and there was a long “horn” on his head. This creature suddenly aroused the curiosity of the man. He bravely approached it and found that the “fish” lay motionless on the rocks by the sea. It was very huge, and there was a nearly 3-meter “corner” on the top of his head!

In fact, it can be said that it is the most mysterious animal in the ocean. Its range of activities is very small, and its movement is convenient. It is haunted. It mainly lives in the Arctic region. Because it has long “horns” and belongs to a kind of cetacean, it is called narwhal. This kind of animal is very rare now. It has been listed as an endangered species because of a large number of human hunting. The reason why this kind of creature is remarkable is its long tooth.

The average weight of the adult narwhal is more than 1000 kg, and the length of the adult narwhal is about 5 meters, excluding the long teeth. At about 1 year old, the left tooth of the male Whale will protrude and become a long tooth through the upper lip. The longest tooth can be more than 3 meters. This tooth grows in a counter clockwise spiral, and there are some strange patterns on this long tooth. Scientists have also done a lot of research to find out that the reason why the long teeth of narwhal are soft on the outside and hard on the inside is that they are not only to slow down the vibration after impact and prevent fracture, but also to be afraid of stabbing their companions when they are foraging or playing.

Male narwhals almost only have left teeth protruding into long teeth. Although there are double long teeth, the probability is very small. The probability of both teeth becoming long teeth is only 2%. Male narwhals will grow a long tooth, but only a few female narwhals can have this feature. About 3% of female narwhals will grow this long tooth, and the average length is about 1 meter. So far, only one female narwhal has been found.

The main function of male narwhal’s tusk is not to prey, they hardly use tusk to prey, and the main function of this tusk is to determine the status of male narwhal in the family. As the leader of an ethnic group, its long teeth must be the longest and strongest. Usually they will use this long tooth to compete with each other, whether it is in the water or on the sea, and the sound of long teeth hitting each other is like two sticks hitting each other. Young male narwhals often play and fight, but rarely stab each other. Once adult male narwhals fight, they will be scarred, because it determines their higher status in the family and more mating rights.

As an endangered species under strict protection, most of the narwhals live together in groups. However, the number of surviving narwhals is very few. Who can tell whether it is the estimated 80000 or the thousands who died of human or natural causes? Although natural reasons can’t stop it, I hope that we human beings should act, even if we don’t help, don’t hurt, because this earth is not only ours, but also their home, and many animals and plants also grow here.

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