“Mysterious metal pillars” frequently appear and disappear, at least 87 pieces appear. Are they the makers?

Last month, a mysterious boulder appeared in Utah. At that time, the staff were using the UAV to search for wild bighorn sheep, and found a shining metal pillar on the ground of the canyon. Many people think of the science fiction film “2001 Space Odyssey” at the first sight of the metal pillar, in which there is such a metal pillar. Due to human carelessly touching it, human history has been rewritten. So the metal column found in Utah immediately became the focus, causing hot discussion among netizens.


Many netizens went to punch in one after another. Unexpectedly, the metal disappeared mysteriously in a few days. According to the pictures and videos circulated, the metal pillar was actually demolished by a group of men. Within a month after that, at least 87 objects similar to the metal pillar appeared in the world.


Netizens also summed up a rule: when a metal pillar appears in a place, it will disappear in a few days, and then it will appear in a farther city. Although these metal objects may not be the same, the chain reaction is really unexpected. According to media reports, the metal pillars have appeared in dozens of cities in Canada, Australia and the Netherlands.


Man made boulders?


Some people think that these metal pillars are actually signals left by alien civilization on earth, so that when they come back to earth, they will not get lost. When human beings find these metal pillars, alien life will remove them. Some rational netizens think that these foundations are actually human pranks. A prank artist named Alex claims that he thinks that the appearance of these metal pillars is more like a popular trend on the Internet. Therefore, with the help of his friends, he built a giant stone in Melbourne, Australia.


In addition to the Australian prank artist, there is also a producer, whose name is Travis. He told reporters that 2020 is too difficult. Many people seem to live in a bad space, so he and his friends came up with such a way to divert human attention. He claimed that he is the maker of the giant rock in atascardro, California.


Although we can’t judge whether these huge stones are all made by human beings, we have to admit that this upsurge has also brought some benefits. A mysterious metal pillar appeared near a pet adoption center in the United States. Many netizens went to punch in one after another and adopted many pets. In fact, this is a good thing. I don’t know what you think?

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