Mysterious murals in the Himalayas, or alien products, have come to earth

Many places that are rarely visited have left footprints. On this planet, the earliest mark left by humans is the mark of using fire. The discovery convinced scientists that humans evolved from then on. Besides fire, painting is the best way to reveal the traces of ancient human life.

Painting seems to be a natural talent. People began painting long before they learned to use stone or mineral pigments. So archaeologists often see many murals painted by people in some caves and stones. Early human painting often depicts the scene of life, and with the continuous development of human civilization, some art paintings began to appear. However, due to various reasons, both murals and Paper paintings are difficult to preserve, so these items are extremely precious.

Mysterious murals in Himalayan caves

The murals we find now generally appear in places like Africa where primitive human beings appeared. But near the Himalayas, it is difficult for human beings to survive, so there was no mural before. But on a scientific expedition, scientists found a mysterious mural in a cave in the Himalayas.

Murals appear at higher altitudes, which are difficult for ordinary people to climb. And the hole in this cave is big enough to hold a truck. After entering the cave, the examiner found a mysterious mural on the stone wall of the cave. The content of the wall paintings puzzled the examiners at that time.

Generally speaking, murals show animals seen by primitive people, or scenes of deep-sea life and hunting. But this mural contains not only human beings, but also some other strange creatures. They are very similar to what we usually think of as aliens. It seems that two different creatures are fighting a war.

Not only that, there are also written descriptions around the walls, but at that time, scientists did not know what they described. However, what surprised scientists even more was that in ancient times, human beings had not yet formed words.

What does this mural describe?

According to the research of later scientists, this painting depicts two different species fighting for the right to survive. According to the text, the characters on these murals seem to be different from those of modern people. Some people think that these people are the ancestors of human beings on earth, but others think that this mural may describe the scene of alien attacks on earth. This is because alien murals are not the first to appear.

It is true that the rumors about aliens coming to earth are not only suspicious of these murals, but also of many UFO incidents, which make many people think that aliens may have already come. However, all this remains to be further discovered and confirmed.

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