“Mysterious” numbers and symbols appear in the sky. Who is greeting human beings?

Aliens are always far away from human beings, but we often see the news of UFOs. Since the 1960s, humans have been studying aliens and UFOs. Many scientists think that the surface of UFO is very smooth and not easy to deform. In fact, there are many symbols, words and figures on the surface of UFO. Many people also call this phenomenon “heavenly script”.


Numbers on UFO


In 1966, a Brazilian man once saw a UFO appear in the sky. The shell of the UFO was very bright, and the symbol t14768 was engraved on the shell. At that time, he suspected that this might be the number of the alien spaceship, but the UFO soon disappeared in the sky, and we have no way to verify it. This is not the first time that such a thing has happened. It happened in the sky of Russia. At that time, people witnessed a UFO in the sky. This UFO is just like the UFO in the movie, and there is a string of numbers on its surface.


This series of numbers can be changed. Before it was 141, after a while it became 157. In December 1985, a strange phenomenon appeared over the bedroom of zviler in Russia. At that time, the sky was still blue and the weather was very clear. Many people were walking on the road. At this time, some people raised their hair. Now, mysterious symbols appeared in the sky. These two mysterious symbols are like question marks and exclamation marks. At that time, some witnesses claimed that before the appearance of the two mysterious symbols, three UFOs appeared in the sky. When the three UFOs disappeared, the symbols appeared.


What does “book of heaven” mean?


After seeing this phenomenon, many people think that these mysterious symbols are probably the masterpieces of aliens. Maybe they are greeting the earth in a human way. In addition to these magical events, scientists have found that the mysterious number 2 also appears on the surface of the sun. The number 2 also represents different meanings. Why do mysterious numbers appear on the sun? At that time, some conspiracy theorists speculated that these figures might be evidence that aliens are greeting humans.


In 1990, a magical scene took place over a railway station in Russia. At that time, the staff on duty found that a UFO appeared near the overpass in the distance. The UFO was like a bright fireball, which gradually changed from red to yellow. However, something similar to human face appeared in the fireball.


Although the fireball hovered in the air for a while, it disappeared in the air before the staff approached it. In nature, there are many phenomena that scientists can’t explain. Some people think that these celestial scripts are probably the way that aliens try to contact human beings. I don’t know what you think?

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