“Mysterious pillar of light” appears in the Siberian night sky, hundreds of meters long, alien spaceship fleet?

All kinds of magnificent natural landscapes are often staged on the earth. Although there are many landscapes that can be explained by science, we are still shocked when we see them with our own eyes. On December 8, a rare sight appeared over the Siberian state of Qiuming. It was midnight when several 10 bright beams of light suddenly appeared in the dark sky.


Siberia’s pillar of light

Although it is already late at night, but there are still some office workers to see such a scene, so picked up the mobile phone to shoot down, released to the network caused the discussion of netizens. Some netizens think that these beams are actually alien spaceships. They chose to come to the earth at midnight in order to observe the earth and prevent human beings from discovering themselves. Over the years, human beings have been looking for extraterrestrial life, but there are not many ideal effects. Therefore, when human beings see some magical phenomena, they will associate with extraterrestrial life, so we can understand why netizens say so.


The bright light column appeared in the dark night sky. This phenomenon is very dreamy. At that time, a photographer photographed such a scene. Unfortunately, although the length of the light column stretches for hundreds of meters, it only lasted for a few minutes and disappeared above the city. Soon the news spread to the local residents. Although it was late at night at minus 15 degrees, many people still braved the cold to enjoy such a spectacle. They were also very curious about who left such a pillar of light?


How is the light column formed?

Although some people think that this is a masterpiece of aliens, from a scientific point of view, whether aliens exist is still unknown. If aliens really come to the earth, they will not move in the air like the light column in the photo, so this phenomenon should be formed naturally. Scientists believe that the formation of such a phenomenon may be related to the weather temperature of the day. Generally speaking, when the outdoor air temperature reaches more than minus 10 degrees, the humidity of the air is relatively high, and human lights appear on the ground. All conditions are combined to form such a spectacle.


Because of the appearance of the breeze, these frozen water droplets form a unified direction and reflect the light on the ground, so the light column appears. In fact, this is a very normal natural phenomenon. In recent years, there have been many incidents on the Yamal peninsula. However, compared with the light column of Siberia, the light column of the Yamal peninsula is much dimmer.


For human beings, all kinds of magnificent natural landscapes are also available. Especially, this kind of light column phenomenon lasts for a short time. Who can see this phenomenon is lucky.

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