Mysterious signals are frequently sent to the earth. Suspected aliens are calling. Hawking warned not to respond

The vast space, the vast universe, makes people relaxed and happy. This vast universe is the boundary that we human beings want to break through since ancient times. Before that, many people tried to fly to the sky with rocket kites. Then Galileo tried to find out why telescopes in the universe were used to observe the universe. Later, several generations of scientists worked hard for the theme of the universe.

We already know that the diameter of the universe we live in is about 96 billion light-years, while the universe we can observe is only 13.7 billion light-years, or 14% of the whole universe. Although there are countless stars in the universe, different cosmic environments will form different galaxies, and different galaxies will have different lives.

Therefore, there must be extraterrestrial life in the vast universe, but we didn’t find them, and maybe they didn’t find us either. The discovery of scientists in recent years also confirmed this view.

In fact, NASA has been tracking an elliptical galaxy for many years. Although it is billions of light-years away from earth, there are probably advanced civilizations in the universe. The researchers found that both ends of the Milky way always send electronic signals to the universe, just as the two ends of the Milky Way send signals to the universe. So scientists are curious about this galaxy.

Scientists speculate that this galaxy is a planet suitable for life. After billions of years of gestation, they either have a high level of science and technology, and can freely shuttle in this galaxy, or explore a certain region of the universe, so their potential has spread throughout the galaxy.

Because they are so powerful, other civilizations in this galaxy have been discovered and invaded. As a result, they can emit powerful electronic signals at both ends of the galaxy. After billions of years of traveling, the electrical signal finally arrived in our galaxy and was intercepted by us. Although this is only speculation, scientists believe that this is consistent with the laws of physics, and is likely to be true.

Hawking, a famous scientist, believes that at present, human beings do not want to expose the position of the earth in the universe, let alone respond to any signals sent by the universe. Hawking’s concerns are not groundless. Imagine that if human civilization is relatively high-level, then when we find a relatively low-level civilization, do we also want to control them?

Therefore, relatively speaking, if we expose our cosmic civilization level and the earth’s position in the universe, we will provide the enemy with coordinates and weapons. We don’t look at the alien civilization with hostility. The reality is that human beings are really weak. Only one first-class civilization in the universe will make us fly away. Therefore, the earth will not take this risk, and human beings will not take this risk.

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