Mysterious UFO reappears! As big as Mars, it is suspected to be a super civilization carrier

Many times, we hear that someone has seen a UFO, and the news spreads all over the world. But what is puzzling is that these UFOs have broken the laws of physics recognized by earth civilization. So what it brings to human beings is often unexplained mystery. That’s why people can’t help thinking about aliens and mysterious aircraft.

But now the question is, are these mysterious UFOs only on earth?

Obviously, no! With the continuous exploration of science and technology, human beings have stepped into a deeper universe. More and more reports about mysterious flying objects appear on the sun series stars such as the national space station, the moon, Mars, Saturn, Pluto, and even near the sun there are UFOs.

Recently, a video of “intelligent solar near field observer” was released, which was filtered by NASA’s special analysis equipment and allowed to be released. However, through careful analysis of the video, those with professional vision still found something unusual: a huge unidentified object appeared near the sun again! Using the scale conversion method, we can infer the size of these unknown objects, just like the size of Mars. What are these unidentified objects?

Once this kind of information is released, it is easy to arouse the interest of UFO enthusiasts. It is not the first time that UFOs close to the sun have been targeted. In previous reports, UFO hunters usually regarded it as a super civilized spaceship carrier, or regarded the sun as the gate of time and space, or as a tool to supplement energy.

Some people think it should be caused by the movement of the sun electromagnetic phenomenon, and scientists misunderstand it as the product of super civilization. But then a scene in the video quickly negates these ideas, which are considered to be scientific. Everyone can see the video shows that when these unidentified objects are close to the sun, the energy fluctuation on the surface of the sun has a strong change. These unidentified objects are soon surrounded by a lampshade shaped aperture. In other words, these UFOs stay in the center of the aperture.

These are enough to prove that UFO has the super technology of self-protection, and human beings can not have these technologies at present, because UFO can resist the super high temperature and all kinds of radiation of the sun. In 2009, the Russians discovered a huge UFO near the sun and exposed the same phenomenon through several NASA videos. On this basis, some influential people put forward that the super civilization in the universe has long entered the solar system, and even the process of human civilization may have an unknown deep connection with them. Readers, what do you think? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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