Mystery of savages in Shennongjia: Villagers meet savages on the mountain with faces like donkeys and eyes like humans

Speaking of Shennongjia, we can use the word “mystery”. In addition to the exotic plants and animals in Shennongjia, the most attractive one is the mysterious animal “savage”.

From the 1950s to the 1970s and 1980s, news about wild people in Shennongjia spread all over the news.

In fact, in the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, there were records of “savages” in Shennongjia, and it was said that savages had faces like donkeys and eyes like people. Next, I’d like to take you to solve the mystery of Shennongjia savage.

The origin of “savage” in Shennongjia is not only recorded in the book of mountains and seas in the Warring States period that “there are giants of Jiangxi in the South with long lips, black body and hair, who laugh when they see people”, but also recorded in the book of Huainanzi in the Western Han Dynasty that “Xiaoyang, Shanjing, who grow up with black face and hair, who laugh when they see people when they turn their backs”, as well as Qu Yuan’s “Mountain Ghost” In the 1970s.

There are two opposing voices in the scientific community about whether there are “savages” in Shennongjia: one insists that there are no savages, and the other believes that there is a possibility of 80%, so a scientific research team has been set up.

In October 2010, the Department of civil affairs of Hubei Province approved the establishment of the wild man investigation and Research Association of Hubei Province, which is under the charge of the Hubei Federation of Social Sciences, and is specialized in investigating the “wild man” in Shennongjia.

At the beginning of the establishment of the scientific research team, the relevant person in charge promised in an interview with the local media that the “savages” of the scientific research team would make some progress in two to three years.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences discovered the hair of savages

Soon, a year and a half later, in 1976, five leading cadres and a driver in Shennongjia Forest Region witnessed a “savage” at the same time.

Its ears are standing up above the top of its head, its face is like a donkey’s face, its eyes are like human’s eyes, its hands are short and small, the hair on its arms is long, its lower body is long and thick, it’s like the hind legs of a cattle, and there’s no hair on its buttocks. To be sure, there’s no tail. “

Chen Liansheng, one of the witnesses, sent a message to the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing in time by telegraph. The Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Hubei Provincial Government jointly organized experts such as Huang Wanbo, Chen Xiaoyi and Wang shancai to Shennongjia for investigation, and Wang shancai and others first wrote the “savage Investigation Report”.

After that, such as “Wang congmei, a 12-year-old cattle herding girl in Shennongjia, was attacked by a” savage “and” Wang benxue, a Shanmin in Shennongjia, found a bunch of “hair” on a low bush (later proved to be a plant) “.

Wang Fangchen, a video recorder of the State Environmental Protection Department, found a series of big footprints on the edge of the field in a village in Shennongjia. Information such as a deep pit where people sit out and dozens of corn hearts left after eating raw were gradually disclosed on the soft ridge of the field. Shennongjia began to be covered with a layer of mystery.

On July 13, 2010, the news of “wild man haunting” came from Shennongjia again. The Scientific Research Institute of the forest nature reserve made a conclusion that it was “unable to confirm and recommend to send for inspection” for an animal hair sent for identification, which added mystery to Shennongjia.

Meanwhile, the local government of Shennongjia also made the best use of the situation, relying on “savages” to build a series of tourism projects, and held various seminars in the local area. Qiaoshang township of Shennongjia even changed its name to Yerengu town.

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