NASA announced that human beings will “migrate” to the moon in 2024! What is NASA’s lunar mission?

On July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 of the United States successfully landed on the moon, human beings began to embark on the journey of conquering the universe, and the universe has left human footprints ever since. Science opens the door to the unknown world, proves that everything is possible and dreams will come true.

With the continuous development of modern science and technology, today’s space exploration has become more and more exquisite. In order to explore the unknown areas, people constantly improve the distance and durability of rocket navigation.

If human beings want to develop, they must overcome many difficulties. Scientists study how to use the resources found in space to fight against radiation, loneliness, weightlessness and unknown extreme environment.

Today, 51 years later, NASA announced that it will send American astronauts to the moon again in 2024, including a female astronaut. In 2028, it will have a sustainable manned lunar exploration capability and stay on the moon for a long time.

How will NASA move to the moon in 2024?

NASA researchers say they are building a new rocket that will be bigger and heavier enough to keep the rocket away from the earth’s gravity.

Space launch system (SLS) is a carrier rocket evolved from the space shuttle to replace the retired space shuttle. It will be the most powerful rocket at the moment. After constant testing and proofreading, the rocket is believed to be able to go deep into the universe to carry out missions.

And NASA has to build a cockpit. This cockpit can ensure the personal safety of astronauts not only when launching, when carrying out missions in the universe, but also when landing. So Orion was built.

Orion spacecraft is similar to Apollo spacecraft in appearance, but its internal space is 2.5 times larger than Apollo spacecraft. It can accommodate up to six astronauts and integrates many latest technologies such as computer, electronics, life support system, propulsion system, thermal protection system, etc. Compared with the space shuttle, its cost is lower, its safety factor is about 10 times higher, and it can be recycled.

They believe that lunar exploration satellites can be used to detect the dangers and resources on the moon, so they are studying a new lunar exploration plan. The partners of this project will deliver their scientific research equipment and instruments to the moon, ready for the exploration plan in 2024.

The mission is to explore the way and build a lunar base.

NASA researchers said:

“Hard work and sweat have made it. Now, when we go back to the moon again, we feel that it must be different from 51 years ago. We want the lunar lander to be used many times and be able to land at various places on the lunar surface. The simplest way is to build a platform on the lunar orbit as a transition.”

And this satellite space station is called “Tianmen”, it will become the guiding light of human cockpit. The power of Tianmen lies in the fact that it can switch between multiple orbits. It can take advantage of the gravity of the earth and the moon to save fuel and explore the depths of the universe.

In 2009, NASA discovered millions of tons of ice on the surface of the moon. They speculated that the ice could be converted into water, even decomposed into oxygen for breathing and hydrogen for rocket fuel.

“The moon is the conversion station for us to explore Mars and other galaxies in the future. We have been working hard. We can adopt this settlement mode in the whole solar system. This is a new chapter of human space exploration.”

“Human beings are the weakest existence in the universe, but human nature is powerful. We will conquer the moon and Mars to understand the universe and share it with the world.”

NASA believes that their efforts will bring many unprecedented opportunities. They explore because they want to know where the limit of human is?

In Xiaobian’s opinion, the moon is no longer a myth for human beings, but a stepping stone at the foot of human beings, a stepping stone flying to the depths of the universe. Great exploration is waiting for us, what we have to do is to step forward.

Do you think the plan of human migration to the moon will succeed? Welcome to the comments area.

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