NASA captured a “giant spacecraft” near the sun, 10 times larger than the earth? What’s going on

In recent years, people can often find traces of UFOs around the world. Compared with the universe outside the earth, these UFOs captured in the earth may be said to be used to. What about UFOs found near the sun? Will it cheer you up?

According to Russian science report, Scott Wallin, a famous UFO follower, said that NASA has captured images of a “cube spacecraft” 10 times larger than the earth. At that time, this discovery also caused a lot of heated discussion, so is it true?

Waring said that he found that this is a huge “Cube” UFO, and it often moves near the sun. The reason for this phenomenon is probably that the UFO has to collect the ability to collect the huge energy of the sun. This suspected “cube spaceship” was captured by the sun and solar circle detector.

The solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SoHo) was manufactured by the European Industrial consortium headed by Matra Marconi aerospace company (now Astrium) and launched on December 2, 1995 using Lockheed Martin’s Optimus 2 carrier rocket.

It is a spacecraft that studies the sun and has discovered more than 3000 comets so far. It has been in normal operation since May 1996 and is an international cooperation project jointly sponsored by the European Space Agency and NASA. The original SOHO plan was only a two-year mission, but now SOHO will serve in space at least until 2020.

After the news was released, many scientists doubted that the cube was a giant spaceship.

Scientists at the Naval Research Laboratory say this could be a collection of stripes produced by cosmic rays hitting the CCD sensor of the camera, a very common phenomenon. When cosmic rays hit the camera lens, we can see what we see. This so-called spacecraft gimbal may be formed by “cosmic rays” passing through the camera sensors at oblique and curved angles.

Alfred mcevan, director of the planetary imaging research laboratory at the University of Arizona, believes that cameras on earth are less vulnerable to this interference because the earth’s protective magnetosphere blocks particles from space, preventing them from hitting the earth. However, the cosmic ray impact phenomenon is very common in the outer magnetosphere images taken by orbital telescopes.

Some UFO enthusiasts insist that scientists are deliberately hiding the truth, because before that, UFO enthusiasts had observed a huge alien spacecraft next to mercury.

What exactly is this is still a controversial issue, and it is still impossible to find the answer only by the current level of human science and technology.

Xiaobian thinks that perhaps “aliens” are conducting experiments with the sun as the object, and trying to influence the sun’s activities. And this kind of spaceship may be more than one, but a complete formation.

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