NASA confirmed that the geomagnetic field has broken into two pieces, affecting all living things

In the solar system, the earth is the only place where people can live. With the further development of science and technology, people began to look for many earth like planets, but so far they have no idea. According to the speculation of scientists, the only earth like planet may be Mars, but Mars still needs a lot of transformation, so that people can continue to live.

So why do you want Mars to live on earth? The original scientific report pointed out that some abnormal conditions were happening on the earth.

According to the data released by NASA, there is a strange dent in the earth’s magnetic field. After all, in these strange things, it is never good for the earth and human beings. So what kind of situation will this dent have for our production and life? What does this dent look like?

According to preliminary observations, the dent is slowly moving westward, and has now passed through South America and the South Atlantic, posing a great threat to satellites in this area. So this abnormal area is called the South Atlantic magnetic anomaly area in the eyes of scientists, and this magnetic anomaly area has split this part into two lobes. If there are two fissions, it means that a space hole will be formed over the earth, so that the radiation from the sun will be directed at the earth, which will definitely bring more impact on the production and life of the earth.

But how did this fracture occur? In fact, according to astronomers and geographers, the earth’s magnetic field is generally the part deep in the earth, and this part is controlled by the earth itself, so why the earth’s magnetic field overturns may only be explained by the theory of plate motion. However, according to the previous statistics, the earth will have a reversal of the magnetic pole once in a while.

After all, in the past 80 million years or so, the earth has experienced 171 pole reversals, the most recent of which was 700000 years ago. According to the well-known theory of the origin of the earth’s magnetic field, the reversal of these magnetic fields and poles is caused by the velocity change of the rotation angle in the earth’s core.

Therefore, the change of the earth’s magnetic field is now taking place further, and NASA is tracking the strange phenomena in the earth’s magnetic field, because it is very important for human production and life.

First of all, the earth’s magnetic field is the protective umbrella of human satellites. If the magnetic field breaks and dents, the satellites in space will be readjusted. Therefore, once the magnetic field is in a very abnormal state, the Beidou satellite positioning system and GPS will be paralyzed. Then these positioning and satellites can not be used again. At the same time, the cosmic particles in the sun will become stronger In the process of urbanization, these substances will directly enter our earth, such as electrical equipment and high-voltage network. Therefore, there will be other difficulties for those migrating organisms, such as cetaceans and birds. Once migration is difficult, they will die in large numbers. Therefore, the protection of species population is also very severe.

So back to human beings, if the sun particles directly irradiate, it will have a huge threat to life. Of course, humans may also wear thick spacesuits under strong light and radiation, which is why humans wear spacesuits when entering space.

Now, scientists have found some conditions of the earth’s magnetic field breaking, but the specific reasons and specific practices are still unknown, so we need to wait and see the changes.

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