NASA did it? Or launch a spaceship to hit an asteroid, which is expected to take off in 2021!

Asteroids can be said to be a major threat to the survival of mankind. During the 10 billion years of the earth’s existence, there have been many planetary impact events. They fall to the earth, destroying the balance of the ecological environment, destroying a large number of habitats, and many species may be extinct. If human beings can change their trajectories, can we guarantee that the earth will not be impacted? NASA announced such a plan this year.

NASA plans to hit a planet with a spacecraft

According to NASA’s plan, they try to use a spaceship to impact an asteroid to change its trajectory. It’s didymus-b. The reason why NASA made this plan is to try to use human power to change the trajectory of planets, so as to ensure that the earth can reduce more planetary impact disasters, so that human beings can live on the earth for a longer time.

Impact on human beings

After the promulgation of this plan, it has also caused great controversy. If human beings really change its trajectory, will it have an impact on the earth in the process of movement? Scientists think we don’t have to worry too much. Ditimus-b is relatively small in the binary system. Even if it forms a large crater after impact, it has little impact on the earth.

Falcon II

”Impact on “Dragon Palace”

In fact, it’s not a matter of fact that humans use satellites to impact meteorites. This year, Japan’s Falcon II bombed the asteroid dragon palace. The impact produced a crater larger than scientists expected. On this asteroid, its material is very similar to the composition of the earth’s sand particles, so scientists believe that such composition will have some impact on the impact dynamics. It can be said that the scientific and technological civilization of mankind has changed with each passing day. We can completely use our own technology to change the motion of the planet, so as to protect life on the earth.

NASA’s plan

Of course, this is just a good idea of scientists. If this experiment is really carried out, no one can guarantee that it will be safe. Scientists chose the ditimus system because of its distance. Although it is a near earth object, it keeps a suitable distance from the earth. According to its trajectory, it will not collide with the earth. Therefore, we can use the ditimus system to simulate the experiment well. According to NASA’s plan, they will launch a satellite in July 2021 and collide with an asteroid in September 2022. The whole process will be recorded by scientists using telescopes.

It can be said that human wisdom is infinite. Whether we can protect the earth through our own strength and change the trajectory of the universe depends on the completion of this plan. Therefore, if human beings want to survive forever, they do not rely on individual efforts, but need all human beings to unite to fight against the threat of the universe, so as to ensure the continuation of human civilization.

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