NASA experts conduct experiments, parallel universe or existence! Can the “anomaly” over Europe be explained?

Parallel universe has always been the favorite of science fiction fans, and it is also a classic part of science fiction movies. In recent years, more and more sci-fi works have been moved to the big screen, and we are also impressed by all kinds of brain holes. In terms of the current scientific and technological means of human beings, no parallel universe has been found, and the existence of parallel universe is still uncertain. Just a while ago, NASA scientists claimed that parallel universes may exist. They have found evidence. Is this true?

Scientists’ experiments

The reason why scientists have come to such a conclusion is not from a hollow hole, but from experiments. Scientists have carried out an experimental project of pulsed transient electric wires in Antarctica. In short, this experiment is to fly balloons in Antarctica. The balloon is equipped with advanced scientific instruments, which can monitor neutrinos in the universe. Generally speaking, if the mass of neutrinos is close to 0, they can pass through the earth. However, those neutrinos with larger mass can’t pass through the earth, so the instrument can’t monitor the neutrinos from underground.

Originally, this was just an ordinary scientific experiment, but I didn’t expect that scientists had an accident in this experiment and found that they actually monitored neutrinos coming from underground. This phenomenon has aroused the curiosity of scientists. It is impossible to happen. One physicist thinks that the reason why such neutrinos can appear is probably related to the parallel universe. This kind of neutrino has become another kind of particle when it goes back through the earth. Scientists speculate that at some point in time, this kind of neutrino enters into another space after entering the earth, changes its shape and reappears from the depths of the earth.

Does parallel universe really exist?

Although this is only the guess of scientists, it is still recognized by many people. Since scientists published this theory, it has also aroused the resonance of many netizens. Although we are not sure of the existence of parallel universe, some phenomena in real life seem to confirm this fact. Once a netizen posted a post claiming that he seems to have experienced a parallel universe. When he went to a friend’s house, he found that all the furniture in his friend’s house was mirrored, but his friend didn’t feel anything. This phenomenon made him puzzled.

In addition, there have been strange phenomena in history. In 1954, a “vision” appeared over the Aegean Sea in Europe, and several tall figures appeared in the air. These figures were carrying out a crusade with sharp weapons. A closer look shows that these people were wearing the clothes of Vikings thousands of years ago. At that time, no troupe was shooting ancient plays, so these tall figures had no prototype on earth. Therefore, many scientists speculated that the Vikings in the parallel universe were fighting. Through the refraction of light, it formed a mirage on earth.

Did the explosion of a singularity really create two universes 13.8 billion years ago? Maybe in another space, there is a person who is exactly the same as us and is living a different life. Is it a pity for us to make up for it? I don’t know if you have ever experienced this magical phenomenon?

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