NASA found that the sun interior appears white phenomenon, the sun may enter the dormancy period, the earth ushered in new changes

All biological activities on the earth are inseparable from the sun. With the sunlight, all things grow and human beings live better. If one day the sunlight becomes less, the earth may enter the ice age, and the impact on the earth is not small.

In history, the earth has experienced several ice ages, the most recent of which was in the 17th century. At that time, the number of sunspots decreased and the sun entered a dormant period. At the same time, the earth also ushered in an ice age. Rivers were frozen. Because the productivity at that time was not as developed as it is now, the arrival of the ice age caused great losses to mankind.

When will the next ice age be? Some time ago, when NASA observed the sun, it was found that there was an obvious whitening phenomenon inside the sun, and the sunspots, Yaoban and other activities that can be seen frequently are now gone, only a vast expanse of white inside the sun. No sunspots or flares. This shows that the earth’s sun may enter a short period of dormancy, and the earth is about to usher in a small ice age.

In fact, as early as a few years ago, some scientists predicted that the earth is not far away from the ice age, and the number of sunspots is closely related to the ice age. Observing the number of sunspots can give early warning. If the earth enters the ice age, there is no doubt that we are living in a world of ice and snow. There is no sunshine in this world, only ice and snow. It sounds very beautiful, and it will be very inconvenient when we really live.

There are both advantages and disadvantages in the ice age. On the one hand, the temperature has decreased, the activities of various microorganisms have decreased, and the bacteria have decreased. As a result, the probability of human being infected with viruses has decreased, and people have become more and more healthy. Because of the cold climate, rivers are frozen above, but the water under the ice can keep moisture, which is conducive to the reproduction and growth of fish.

The main disadvantage is that the low temperature will lead to the decline of people’s travel ability and executive ability, which may cause the rapid decline of the global economy in the short term. At the same time, if the temperature is too low, people tend to stay indoors. If the indoor heating is not well controlled, it is easy to cause the indoor carbon dioxide concentration is too high, resulting in human poisoning.

Some experts believe that the earth ushered in a small ice age, which is the good news of the earth. Why do you say that? As we all know, the earth’s environmental pollution is very serious now. The global temperature is rising year by year due to the greenhouse effect, and the temperature is reaching a new high every year. If this continues, in another 50 years, in summer, people will not be able to go out at all. As long as they go out, they will be scalded by the sun. But when the ice age comes, it’s different. With the decrease of solar heat, the temperature of the earth will drop. The average high temperature of 50 degrees in summer will drop to about 20 degrees during the ice age. Isn’t this a good natural air conditioner?

Winter will also get colder, but people will be more able to adapt. Once the earth enters the little ice age in the future, even if the temperature drops, it will only return to the earth’s former temperature, which is a good thing for the earth. In this way, the earth’s greenhouse effect will be controlled, and the north and south poles will not be afraid. Due to global warming, the gradual melting will lead to the rise of sea level and the land flooding.

This idea of experts is really good. The ice age will be a natural Desuperheater of the earth, which is of great benefit to the mitigation of the greenhouse effect of the earth. Perhaps the sun enters a dormancy period every countless years, which is also a protection of the earth’s environment. But this ice age should not last too long. If it lasts for hundreds of years, it will not be a blessing to the earth, but a disaster.

Now scientists are not sure when the little ice age will come. Now they have only observed some changes in the sun, which may take a few years, or decades or hundreds of years. Summer is coming soon. Let’s think about how to spend this hot summer. Experts have said that this year’s temperature will reach a record high. It’s really hot to death.

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