NASA got it! The number “2” appears on the surface of the sun. What are aliens passing on to us?

The sun is the earth’s closest little partner. It is with the light and heat of the sun that all things on the earth can survive for a long time and multiply from generation to generation. Because the energy of the sun is too huge, human beings can never reach the surface of the sun. They can only see the true face of the sun with the help of advanced detectors. In the vicinity of the sun, there have been many unidentified objects, many UFO enthusiasts claim that this is evidence of the existence of alien civilization. But is it really the case?

Numbers on the surface of the sun


Some time ago, NASA released a photo of the sun, one of which attracted the attention of UFO enthusiasts. They think this picture may be able to show that there are aliens in the universe. At first, scientists wanted to take pictures of solar flares, but they got an unexpected result. A mysterious number 2 appeared on the surface of the sun. Why does a mysterious number appear on the extremely hot surface of the sun? Is this an alien signal to humans?


The meaning of 2

“2” is the exclusive number symbol of human beings, and it has different meanings since ancient times. In ancient times, the number 2 represented harmony and balance, alien civilization, is it through the number 2 to express his friendly feelings to us? Does this mean that the technological level of alien civilizations is much higher than that of human beings, and they are very familiar with human civilization, so they choose to convey certain signals on the surface of the sun?


The true identity of 2

In our opinion, this statement is too crazy. At the time of constant controversy, scientists pour a basin of cold water. They think that this number is not an alien signal, but a gas flow on the surface of the sun. NASA scientists claim that the surface of the sun is not calm, because of the release of huge amounts of energy, a large number of gas rolling on the surface of the sun. These solar particles often change shape, perhaps due to the satellite shooting angle problems, resulting in such an illusion.

Unidentified objects near the sun

In fact, this is not the first time that a mysterious phenomenon has been discovered near the sun. Some time ago, it was pointed out that a huge rectangular object appeared near the sun. This object stayed on the surface of the sun and seemed to be absorbing energy. If human beings can use the energy of the sun, the level of science and technology will achieve a qualitative leap. The technology level of aliens is very high, maybe they will absorb the energy of the sun as their own energy supplement.

Of course, these are all our discussions. At present, there is no substantive evidence to verify their existence. The sun is very far away from us, and our understanding of it is relatively simple. Maybe only in the future can we really uncover its mystery.

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