NASA has captured another mysterious object, perhaps a giant spaceship of alien civilization, in the rings of Saturn

Since ancient times, human beings have always been curious about the universe. In the primitive society ten thousand years ago, ancient ancestors could observe stars with naked eyes in the night sky and carve them into murals. Today, with the rapid development of space technology, people have been able to make a variety of detectors, and continue to explore the possible life on Mars. More than half a century has passed, human beings have not found life in space, but also found many extremely strange objects!

Recently, the media has repeatedly exposed mysterious events about Saturn. First of all, NASA heard the cry of terror in the rings of Saturn. Then, NASA photographed many times the huge cylindrical mysterious object in the rings of Saturn, which scholars referred to as an extraterrestrial super carrier. Now, let’s talk about the mysterious object in Saturn’s rings – the alien super mothership.

In September 2017, just before Cassini fell into Saturn’s atmosphere, the faithful Saturn probe once again photographed the mysterious giant object on the edge of Saturn. This time, in Cassini’s lens, it looks like a bright massive object, moving in the direction opposite to the rotation of Saturn’s rings, much faster than Saturn’s rings.

This discovery once again aroused the strong desire of scientists to explore. Since the discovery of this mysterious object, scientists have been exploring what it is, where it comes from, where it will go, and the answers to these questions. Until now, they still haven’t found any exact answers. Especially when they were photographed this time, the scientists could not help their curiosity.

As one of the most intolerable scholars, Dr. boglan collected all the photos of Saturn’s rings taken by voyagers 1 and 2 and Cassini over the years. With the help of high-resolution instruments, he found that three extremely large mysterious objects appeared in the periphery of Saturn’s rings. Once again, he found a huge, unidentified column of light on one side of Saturn’s rings. After careful analysis, he found that although the shape of the first three mysterious objects had changed, it was probably because the shooting angles were different. In fact, they should still be the same object.

The doctor again calculated the volume ratio of the unknown object, which is even larger than half the size of the moon according to its actual size. Because this mysterious object will move in reverse, and rotate faster than Saturn’s rings, Dr. boglan boldly guessed that it should be a giant mother ship of aliens. But we don’t know why the alien carrier will stay in Saturn’s rings.

Because many scientists believe that there may be extraterrestrial life on Titan, Dr. boglan insists that the mysterious object in Saturn’s rings is an alien Mothership, or that maybe Saturn’s rings are made by aliens. But what is the truth? We still need scientists to further uncover its mystery.

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